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Are you a mechanic that needs reliable parts that wont impact your reputation?

AXT Turbo are leading the way with our x11 services

For over 20 years AXT have been relied on as Turbocharger Experts for our clients

Lower your risk of failure, AXT Turbo provide a unique General Turbocharger Testing and Failure Analysis Service:

How many times have you or your mechanics changed out a turbo, just to find the replacement has failed shortly thereafter ?

This is a very common issue, costing you expensive time, delaying the delivery back to the client and your resources, most often the cause of the failure is due to a very small overlooked secondary component failing or needing repairs, which can now be avoided with AXT’s Turbocharger Testing and Failure Analysis Service

Fact 95% of replaced turbo’s failed as a direct result of not fixing the initial fault that caused the first turbo failure.

To ensure this never costs you again, we can test and analyse all turbo failures, to provide a very clear path to any other repairs that may be needed.

When turbo repairs are undertaken, more often that not, parts have to be sourced from multiple suppliers, you now longer have to deal with frustration.

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Why use AXT Turbo

All AXT Turbocharger Repairs, Replacements and Upgrades are packed in heavy duty freight cartons and include everything needed to do the job, including

  • all the required gaskets,
  • sealants, studs, nuts, bolts, washers, lines and
  • even the cable ties where needed.

Being a one stop shopping experience reduces time wasted travelling between suppliers, and improving the delivery of a finalised repair to your client.

Cost effective solutions for your clients

We provide you with options starting at simple cost effective repair, OEM replacement and our X11 Upgrade Series turbochargers. At AXT Turbo we pride ourselves in being able to provide high quality, thoroughly tested turbos that ensure your client needs are met and exceeded each and every time. We provide you with the peace and mind of being able to provide Guaranteed and Warrant-able repairs for your customers every-time you fit an AXT Turbo and maintaining your excellent reputation.

Why you should choose our X11 Turbo Upgrade Kits.

ALL X11 Turbochargers are designed as simple bolt-on replacement, with the added benefit of being specifically designed to handle the issues an older engine can exhibit.

Problems such as lower oil pressures and increased oil contamination pose a reduced risk of premature failure, compared to the OEM turbocharger. In most cases, you will find our X11 Series Turbo upgrade kit to be a better fit for your clients needs, due to AXT Turbos x11 thorough testing in the workshop resulting in being able to deliver significant durability and reliability improvements over an OEM style turbo.

AXT Turbos X11 Provides Improved Performance

The AXT X11 Upgrade Series Turbocharger has been proven in testing on our dyno, which is available for hire at our Dandenong 4×4 Workshop,  to improve performance characteristics through improved air-flow dynamics, created by our x11 generation compressor and turbine design.

NOTE: AXT’s X11 turbo series improvements have been purposely designed to work within the various Vehicle manufacturers factory parameters, so there is no risk of triggering fault codes. AXT’s X11 turbos are also designed to support the 4×4 performance enthusiast, allowing for more power improvement for heavily modified vehicles.

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Our Support Network

For vehicles that are proving to be exceedingly difficult to diagnose, AXT Turbo has created a Nationwide network of Authorised Distributor Centres, who have specially trained personnel and equipment ready to assist your technicians. AXT Turbo also provides you access to a TRADE ONLY turbo specialist workshop which is located in Dandenong just off Eastlink on Cheltenham road, Where you will have access to the use of a 4WD Dynamometer, Vehicle Specific Scanning and Programming to help you or your technicians, by providing a highly critical resource backup and support facility for your business.

Feel free to give our BDM , Scott Middleton a call to arrange an appointment to discuss our unique x11 turbo upgrade series or to inquire about accessing our Trade Only workshop facility Ph 9793 7740