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Evil teddy short film by 12-year-old Aussie to premiere at Hollywood’s famous Chinese Theatre

Announcement posted by House of Rusher 16 May 2016

12-year-old Melbourne boy James Baras-Miller borrowed his dad’s iPhone to shoot the acclaimed series

Twelve-year-old Melbourne boy James Baras-Miller who borrowed his dad’s iPhone to shoot a series of evil teddy short films will star on the red carpet at three prestigious film festivals in the United States and Australia this June.
James’ short films featuring the crime-spree capers of Octavius will premier at the home of Hollywood blockbusters, The Chinese Theatre, as part of the Dances with Films festival and at The New York Media Centre as part of the Brooklyn Film Festival.
"I've never been out of the country. I am still waiting for my passport so I can go!” laughed James.
"I shot it on my dad’s mobile for a bit of fun,” said James. “I can't believe my film will screen at the same theatre that premiered Star Wars.”
Melbourne streets and iconic landmarks aren’t safe in these quirky films as evil teddy Octavius goes on a crime rampage, accosting innocent teddy-standers with heists, carjackings and framing teddy police for the theft of the Weeping Woman from the NGV all from his secret headquarters at Sidney Myer Music Bowl.
James wrote, directed and shot the films before editing them alongside his dad at home while keeping up with his homework from Auburn High School where he is in Year 7.
"My wife suggested this would be a fun father-son activity. I think she wanted to get us out of the house, really!" jokes his father, Steven.
“ We bought a remote control car from Aldi and James had thought about sending up the film Speed," said Steven.  "In the end he came up with something even better."
 "Now the films are taking us to Hollywood, to probably the most famous cinema in the world.”
While in the US, James will work on a new film featuring famous landmarks of the US.
"I'm going to the State of Liberty and Universal Studios to see what we can do there," said James. “Perhaps we can use the house from Psycho.”
James will be heading to New York for the first screening of his film Octavius The Heist on June 4 at the New York Media Centre before jetting to Hollywood for the premiere of Octavius Hack Attack at The Chinese Theatre on June 11.
From there, it’s his hometown’s turn with a screening at Little Big Shots film festival in Melbourne and a debut at the Sydney Opera House before the year is out.
James Baras-Miller is available for interview.
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