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New Research Shows Australian Watering Habits Have Changed

Announcement posted by Hoselink 30 May 2016

The so-called ‘Millennium Drought’ of the 2000s emphasised the importance of water to the Australian people and, in many parts of the country, 2006 was the driest year on record; by the end of the drought in 2012, the Federal Government had provided $4.5 billion in drought assistance.

Since then, an increasing number of Australians are incorporating intelligent water usage into their daily lives.  A recent survey of over 2,000 people was conducted by garden hose specialists, Hoselink, to discover the changing hose habits of households across the nation.

The survey discovered that more than 30 per cent of Australian homes are using at least some recycled water to water the garden.  Victorians (40%) and Queenslanders (35%) are leading the way for the use of recycled water.

According to Tim Kierath, founder of Hoselink, this is a welcome change of habit.  “The hose habits of Australians have changed since the last drought when severe water restrictions were put in place and it’s refreshing to see that Australians are increasingly embracing the use of recycled water,” said Tim.  “As our community expands and we develop new subdivisions that offer recycled water,  there will be an increase in this important initiative.”

But there are also other ways to conserve water around the home.  Besides watering the garden, hoses are being put to work to clean the house and outdoor areas.  More than two thirds (70%) of respondents said that they use their hose to clean down the deck, pavers and tiled areas and 60 per cent are hosing down the house and washing the windows.

“Particularly in coastal areas, it is recommended to clean the salt off the house to avoid corrosion,” said Tim.  “But for decks and paved areas, we recommend first clearing away the bulk of the leaves and dirt with a rake, broom or leaf blower.  Using a high pressure washer or specialty jet sprayer on the hose is ideal as they use a relatively small amount of water.  Further savings can be enjoyed by fitting good quality hose connectors to your hose and pressure washer to guarantee no wastage by leaking or bursting under pressure.”

Hoselink is home to Australia’s trusted no-burst hose fittings and has a range of products to make watering more enjoyable, including hoses, fittings, hose reels, sprinklers, sprayers and accessories.  For more information, visit www.hoselink.com.au.

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