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Australian Rx-able Prescription Safety & Sports Sunglasses Make a Splash!

Eyewear that Makes Us Proud to be Australian

14th June, Brisbane, Australia prwire.com.au Reducing the cost of prescription sports and safety glasses with Rx-able eyewear innovation that won the Australian New Inventors Award and is now featuring on Shark Tank Australia. Don't Miss It

In 2011 the Australian New Eye Company introduced the world’s first Rx-able safety eye-wear system to Australian corporations and went on to win ABC’s New Inventor Award.

Now they have bigger fish to fry - Sharks!

Issues with Prescription Sport and Safety Glasses

Inventor and certified Optician Andy Mehringer said he’d identified some major issues with conventional prescription sports and safety glasses that with a little innovation he believed he could rectify.

Firstly, the high costs companies and individuals face when replacing prescription safety glasses when they get scratched. This results in employees requiring time off work until replacement prescription safety glasses arrive.

Secondly, for sports people who damage their prescription sunglasses or are at risk of their eyewear being scratched due to flying stones and gravel from cars, the cost and hassle of buying a replacement pair can often be prohibitive.

Bringing Innovation to OH&S and Sports

The IC-Rx-able safety and sport eye-wear system, that Mehringer invented, enables wearers to simply release their prescription lenses and re-insert them into replacement sunglasses frames. The frames come in various lens tints colours for different lighting and work related conditions and protect the expensive prescription lenses from being scratched.

The system comprises of wrap-around protective frames with clear or coloured lenses plus an Astralon™ optical foil which is a flexible plastic inner frame that can be fitted with a person’s prescription lenses. The Astralon™ foil slips into place beneath the outer frames that take the brunt of wear and tear or any impact.

In the Shark Tank

Mehringer will pitch the IC Sport & Safety Eyewear System to Channel Ten’s Shark Tank Team on Thursday 16th June at 8.40pm.

So tune in to watch the Sharks reaction to the Australian invented Rx-able Eyewear system that has not only taken the local market by storm, but globally as well. Eyewear that makes us proud to be Australian.