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Miniature SLICE NANO IEPE Data Recorder

John Morris Group and DTS (Diversified Technical Systems) have released the SLICE NANO IEPE, to complement their durable data acquisition range. The SLICE NANO IEPE has a footprint measuring only 26 x 46 mm and may be installed with practically any test article. Presenting rugged and powerful performance within this compact package, SLICE can withstand impacts up to 500 g, meets MIL-STD-810-E, and operates on standard batteries. SLICE is designed for specific applications within the automotive, aerospace, military, and sports and safety equipment industries.

Configurable from 3 channels to 24 per stack, SLICE can be daisy-chained for large test set-ups. SLICE records for hours, samples from 10 to 500,000 sps/channel, and data direct-writes to 16 GB flash memory. In addition to supporting IEPE (piezo-electric) sensors, SLICE also works with bridge, MEMS, strain, load and temperature sensors.FTR-SLICE-MICRO-SLICE-NANO-Miniature-Dat

SLICE is a complete autonomous system with excellent thermal characteristics that allow users to ‘embed it and forget it’.  SLICE can even be mounted directly on wings, drive shafts, rotors, wheel hubs or other test article, eliminating complicated cable runs which can affect data fidelity. Long sensor cable runs can often cause unintended issues including under-powering the transducers, signal drop between the transducer and the data acquisition system, noise from cable motion and even electrical interference

SLICE easily handles applications where onboard power access is not available as it can easily be powered using standard battery packs. With an extremely low power draw and a 9-15 VDC input range, SLICE is a top pick for applications like in-vehicle, durability, handling, in-flight, and crash and blast testing that may last for hours to days.


 Aerospace analysis  Amusement ride testing  Automotive safety  Biomechanics  Blast dynamics  Embedded monitoring  Helicopter & aircraft  Impact testing  In-dummy  Injury investigation  Parachute deployment  Package testing: truck, air, ship & rail  Pedestrian head & leg form  Ride & handling  Sound measurement  Sports & safety equipment  Vibration testing

For more information please read our brochure:
SLICE MICRO & SLICE NANO Miniature Data Recorder

VIDEO: Field Data Recording with Embedded SLICE

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About DTS

Diversified Technical Systems is the leading manufacturer of data acquisition systems and sensors for dynamic testing and human injury assessment supplied by John Morris Group to Australia and New Zealand. DTS specialises in advanced measurement solutions that require high-speed, miniature, shock-hardened data acquisition systems and sensors. For over 25 years, DTS systems have been at the forefront of automotive, aerospace, biomechanics, in-dummy and blast testing worldwide.