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Aussie ‘big data’ start-up goes global

Tens of thousands of images, movies or even 3D objects can now be sorted, filtered, searched and grouped in real time with a single click thanks to new University of Oxford spin-out company, Zegami.   


The company is unique compared to other University of Oxford spin-outs in that the original concept for the software was not generated by the University as with traditional Oxford spin-outs. The company’s continued relationship with the University of Oxford is vital as its launches into not just Australia and the UK, but also the world. .


Zegami is able to bring millions of pieces of information together from multiple data sources and combining them in a simple and intuitive user interface. The ground-breaking data discovery software, is slashing organisational and research costs and saving hundreds of hours through its practical functionality, combined with the ability to plugin machine learning and image-based analysis.

Currently organisations and researchers are limited to traditional search engines when it comes to image based ‘big data’. Zegami’s image-based search, image tagging capability, map views and dynamic BI capabilities is something no other enterprise level software is capable of doing today with such large locally hosted data sets. 


Samuel Conway, CEO of Zegami says, “Whether in business, research or in our personal lives we generate thousands of images every day and every image has its associated data, there can be no doubt that storage has become cheaper and more efficient over time but how do we find them again, let alone generate any meaningful information from it. Zegami turns this concept on its head.

“Data to decision is the new catch cry amongst companies and researchers today; throw in “Big Data” and we need to re-evaluate just how we do this analysis to find what we are looking for. Zegami is enabling technology that is leading to new discoveries and observations in large image data sets.”

Exclusive national reseller of Zegami, Blue Crystal Solutions Managing Director Vito Rinaldi is excited to be sharing this innovative product to the country.

“We’re thrilled to have been selected to be a key partner of Zegami. In any meeting we’re in, as soon as we start running a demo of Zegami’s capabilities our clients’ face’s light up. Zegami is making databases a little bit sexy!”


The new entity attracted £500,000 in seed funding from investors including Parkwalk Advisors and Oxford Sciences Innovation, based in Oxford, UK. The sales and implementation team for the product through the support of Blue Crystal and Coritsu Group is to be based in Adelaide, Australia.

For more information and to see the Zegami demo, head to http://zegami.com/.

Samuel Conway, CEO, Zegami and Vito Rinaldi, CEO, Blue Crystal Solutions



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Zegami Limited (UK)

Founded in 2015 by Samuel Conway (AUS), Roger Noble (AUS), Stephen Taylor (UK) and Oxford University following the success of the first part of the solution development through the university and Coritsu group, an Adelaide based consulting firm, owned by Conway. Zegami has been built using the latest web standards, for the latest web browsers. Its responsive design means that it works equally well on the desktop as it does on mobile devices.

Its flexible architecture means that it can draw data from any data source. With a well-designed platform from which other solutions can be developed and a community growing around the early adopters of the technology, research, HR, asset management and museums are just the start of users who are realising the potential of Zegami.

The truly unique aspect of Zegami is that it’s a technology platform that can be used in a multitude of applications from research to asset management to give users almost instantaneous access to their assets and their associated performance data, to academic and scientific research where image analysis can be used to scan tens of thousands of images to look for specific patterns or observations in a large data sets. No other toolset does this better than Zegami.


Blue Crystal Solutions

Blue Crystal Solutions was founded in 2004 by Vito Rinaldi. The company has built its reputation on delivering managed services for databases, middleware and applications, now with a cloud enablement focus. Blue Crystal Solutions is continually improving and extending its range of products and services to stay at the forefront of industry trends and offers its customers the absolute best in database management, application and cloud services.

Blue Crystal Solutions provides application and database consultancy, management and administration services to customers of all sizes in most industries across Australia. The company specialises in Oracle and Microsoft SQL Servertm database technologies as well as enabling Cloud solutions for customers who are looking to take advantage of Cloud technologies.

 Key clients include APA, Energy Australia, Santos and AGL.