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ISL VIDA Density Meter enhances efficiency with Plug & Play

The VIDA density meter from ISL | PAC represents unparalleled dependability in density measurement through an easy-to-use fully automatic, push-button operation. VIDA by PAC is based upon the established oscillating U-tube method and incorporates innovative features ensuring for accurate and reliable analysis.

The VIDA analysers are employed for analysis of light and mid distillates, heavy oils, food and beverage applications or mobile labs.VIDA Density Meter_ISL VIDA 40 Density Meter by PAC_from John Morris Scientific

VIDA is designed to be a true "push-button" solution with smart software automating each stage of a test sequence from sample injection, bubbles detection to system cleaning and data reporting allowing minimal operator attendance but also enhanced flexibility. The automatic cleaning function reduces maintenance time and consumption of solvents, even when testing difficult samples.

Integrated tables are offered for automatic conversions of density output for: API crude oil, refined products & lubricants, as well as alcohols, acids, alkalis, sugars and customisable tables (VIDA80H).

Special functions guarantee a complete operation traceability together with extra quality assurance in data management and strict compliance with ASTM D4052, ASTM D5002, ASTM D5931, ISO 12185, ISO 15212-1, DIN 51757 and JIS K2249-1.

VIDA is offered in several models designed for these key applications:

VIDA 40  Light and mid-distillates
VIDA 40H Medium and heavy distillates
VIDA 80H Heavy distillates, pharmaceutical, food & beverages
VIDA ML Mobile laboratories

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