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Holysmoke Agency capitalises on #instagramRELAY innovation and expertise to launch Influencer Management Agency – Holysmoke Collective

Wednesday 6th July 2016

Australian and New Zealand Creative Comms Agency, Holysmoke expands with new Influencer Management Arm – Holysmoke Collective

Social media is showing no signs of slowing down. Travel, lifestyle influencers and bloggers are the subject of constant debate within marketing circles on their audience, value and best use of their channels. There are concerns over influencers buying followers, using bots to increase engagement, managing cash for comment, relevance of single posts in brand campaigns ….it goes on.
What is irrefutable is that by tapping into ‘wish I could’, ‘dreaming of…’ or  ‘where is that?’ influencers have already set the path to purchase in motion. And this where the real opportunity lies in matching the right influencers to a brand or destination, converting followers, leveraging PR stories, setting KPI’s, amplifying through other sites and opening up marketing channels so brands can convert lookers into bookers.
“With over 95 million images being uploaded everyday on Instagram, YouTube boasting over 1 billion mobile videos views per day and approx. 65% of the Australian population on Facebook – the potential for working on social channels for the travel industry is only increasing. In 2015 figures released globally suggest 3 out of 4 travellers get their ideas from social media.
Marketers need agency partners who can deliver results for them. We want to capitalise on our reputation for innovation and our experience with social media leaders by collaborating and representing influencers under our own community banner – Holysmoke Collective. Imagery and video is where you start a customers path to purchase so that offers opportunity for agencies like us who know how to execute “
       Amanda Fry, Managing Director Holysmoke
On the back of #helloworldRELAY the team at Holysmoke Agency have been working hard getting feedback from the industry, refining the influencer model, assessing engagement, examining the offer, choosing the talent we work with as well as creating KPI’s and reporting that gives our clients local, national and global solutions.  ROI is at the centre of each offer.
Holysmoke Collective works with real people who have become influencers by growing genuine audiences through their passion for travel with authentic messages and creative flair.  We vet who we work with to ensure we bring credibility and transparency to the industry and one of our key collaborators is Lauren Bath who has pioneered her work on instagram.
As the first instagrammer working full time in tourism in the Southern Hemisphere I have seen a lot change in the past three and a half years. My work in educating clients, measuring results and putting together campaigns has not only evolved drastically but also increased rapidly. In all my time working in the industry one woman has immediately and intrinsically understood the work that I do and the place for influencer marketing in the bigger picture and that woman is Amanda Fry.
I will still be continuing to work on my own brand and with my own clients but I am also proud to be on board to collaborate with Amanda and her team. We want to ensure that the right influencers are given the best opportunities. In a highly competitive industry working with Holysmoke Collective will give you an industry standard that is often sadly lacking and I look forward to doing amazing work together.”
Lauren Bath, Australia’s first professional instagrammer

At Holysmoke we craft opportunities to use content that the right influencer partner has created for our clients brand. Leverage is about being smart in placing the assets you create and knowing how to increase reach.
Holysmoke Collective is collaborating with @laurenepbath and representing global talent such as @barekiwi, @melissafindley @daxon @jewelszee @wildboy_adventures and @benlowy. Our community is growing and each day we add to our reputable social media influencers in key global markets.
At Holysmoke the philosophy is simple - we want to lead the way in matching the right influencer with brands, tourism bodies and travel companies by offering a service that not only gets the conversation started but also amplifies the message, leverages it with editorial and sets clear KPIs that ensure return on investment.

For more information please go to www.holysmokeagency.com
Contact for Holysmoke Collective
Holysmoke! Agency
Amanda Fry or Ben Janeczko
P: 0418 262 282
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