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Blue Wombat Driving School: Get best driving lessons

If you are a Maitland resident and you are willing to take up driving lessons, then you will be glad to know that Blue Wombat Driving School offers you standard driving teaching for beginners and to those who would like to spruce up on their driving ski

Australia: Date: 12.08.2016: Joining in driving lessons with Wombat driving lessons will make certain that you get local driving trainer who are acquainted with Maitland and the nearby areas including hazards, RTA test routes and blackspots. The driving school promises to offer quality service and necessary lessons of driving. The company with a record of reliability now is the best option for learning driving. Blue Wombat plainly talks of its services, the time frame to study the craft and other problems like the number of lessons, tutors, area of service, and others. You can take your own time to look into the services and then take a decision.  

Are you a first time driver?
 If you are beginner and you fear of handling a car. Then do not worry. Doug, the skilled trainer of Blue Wombat will undoubtedly provide you a comfortable and memorable learning coaching. With him, you will feel like” Oh! Anybody can drive!” He will fetch you good introductory offers by which you can save your pocket.  With the valuable guidance, advice and support; you will probably turn into a trained driver within few days.

Why Blue Wombat Driving School?

You obtain a very helpful driving lesson at an affordable cost. Blue Wombat Driving School offers you awe-inspiring discounts on numerous driving lessons. The teaching lesson focuses on providing all required tasks and competency needed by the RTA. You are also offered with defensive driving skills. To attain your goal and budget, the driving company throws a number of options. The beginners can start can opt for introductory lessons. You can join to gain experience and log book hours. Then, you can simply pep up your driving knowledge if you are going for provisional license test. You are allowed to upgrade your driving skills from automatic to manual to get license for driving a manual transmission.

The best part is, the driving lessons of Blue Wombat are offered with a reasonable cost. The driving coaching covers all essential competencies demanded by the RTA which includes defensive driving skills as well. You can contact them to learn lesson availability and cost.

The service

Driving service covers Newcastle, Hunter, and Maitland area. Service is even provided to areas like Rutherford, Lochivar, Telarah, Maitland, Lorn, East Maitland, Bolwarra, Morpeth, Tenambit, Metford, Thornton, Ashtonfield, Raymond Terrace or Newscastle. The service is available all through the seven days per week from 7am till 7 pm. Moreover, training time is fixed as your convenience.

Personal trainers available

If you want to opt for a personal trainer, then Blue Wombat Driving School sends Doug for your help. With 25 years of experience in defensive training in the NSW Police Force, the highly accomplished driving instructor will help to turn into a more confident driver. He is an extremely dedicated driver who ensures that even one hour of driving lesson will effectively train you. All you need is a proper concentration, attitude, anticipation, knowledge and will to learn car. So, join Blue wombat and get the best of driving lessons!

Name- Blue Wombat Driving School


Phone No.- 02 4966 8012

Website- http://maitland-driving-school.com.au/