Rihac Innovative Products Honoured at the Australian Business Awards

Announcement posted by RIHAC ENTERPRISES PTY LTD 16 Aug 2016

Rihac has been recognised as an ABA100 winner in the Australian Business Awards 2016 for New Product Innovation.
Rihac has been recognised as an ABA100 winner in the Australian Business Awards 2016 for New Product Innovation.

The award recognises Rihac’s achievements in the inkjet printing industry through the design, research and development of Rihac Pop Carts®.Printer-Pop-Carts-small.jpg
Following the success of our global phenomenon the Inklink®, our latest creation Pop Carts, are set to revolutionize the home inkjet printing industry saving consumers a staggering 75% on their printing consumable costs.

The product is aimed at home and business users and centered on converting an existing all-in-one printhead cartridge into a segregated ink cartridge. Pop Carts extend the practical use life of the originally disposable printhead to the maximum and reduces the amount of electronic waste.

Rebecca Cahir, the Director of Rihac says, “We are honoured that the Rihac Pop Cart has been named an ABA100 winner for New Product Innovation in the 2016 Australian Business Awards. Continuous innovation is a fundamental value in our company and we are inspired to continue pursuing new ‘outside the box’ solutions for consumers.”

Each year the ABA100 winners are recognised through a variety of different award categories that demonstrate transformative business and product innovation. Corporate, government and non-government organisations are recognised for their ability to drive innovation through the application of technical expertise in the management of industry leading initiatives, and for the research and development of high-performing products and services.

Products are evaluated based on their demonstrable ability to solve emerging problems through technological innovation that results in a wider transformative effect. Detailed analysis of features, end user benefits, research and performance provide a comprehensive framework that determines the effect of each product on the market. For more information on the Australian Business Awards and the 2016 ABA100 winners go to www.australianbusinessawards.com.au.


About Rihac
Rihac has been paving the way in sustainable print innovation for over 10 years. Now widely regarded as the global leaders in providing affordable home and office printing, we are at the forefront of developing user friendly, environmentally-conscious and cost effective products. 

Rihac’s range of printing consumables encompasses a winning combination of outstanding value and the highest possible quality, and includes a vast selection of products to suit the everyday user through to high-end professional printers. Slashing the costs for everyone who owns an inkjet printer.

Never purchase another inkjet printer cartridge!

Pop Carts®

All-in-one printers account for around 25% of the inkjet printer market. The idea of the Pop Carts™ was driven by a desire to create an alternative product in a niche market that was being exclusively controlled by proprietary inkjet printer manufacturers.

Simply explained; the Pop Cart is a disposable cartridge insert designed for the all-in-one inkjet cartridge. Once the OEM all-in-one cartridge is empty, a Pop Cart is inserted to replace the empty ink sponge, transforming it into a segregated printhead ink cartridge.

The Pop Cart is a simplistic design comprised of an ink-soaked sponge encased in a light, durable plastic shell, molded to slide easily into the OEM cartridge casing.
As easy as Pop, Push, Print!

To install, just pop the top off your OEM cartridge, remove the used ink sponge, then insert your Pop Cart refill. When your ink runs out, simply replace it with another Pop Cart.

Pop Carts contain twice the ink of OEM cartridges - and most Importantly, saves users over 75% on ongoing printing costs.

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