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Ausflam Fire System: The best fire safety door supplier

Ausflam Fire System strictly follows this test and makes certain that any failure in the test will be thoroughly looked after to ensure a better quality service and protection.

Elizabeth Street, Date:27/8/2016:  Ausflam Fire System, proved as the best company to install the most high standard steel doors and frames, offers the strongest security to varying degree of forced or unexpected fire entry. Be it acoustic, fire or security rated door demand, the company has the best to offer that befits your need. All the products are cross-checked by the professional team of fitters and designers, giving you allround result. The company door sets offer a minimum 30 minutes resistance against the immediate fire impact. Perfect for the refurbishment and build contracts, Ausflam doors are certainly the best choice for security or safety purpose. It has years of experience of supplying fire protection products to offices, hostels, flats, factories and shops. All the products obey the Australian standards and are licensed and certified for practical use.

What is the importance of fire rated doors?

Life is certainly too uncertain to foresee any mishappening. Your home or building is always prone to sudden unpredictable disaster. But all we can do is take precautions for it. With the name of danger, the first that strikes to our mind is Fire. Every property has a fire threat. We cannot obviously stop the occurrence, but atleast can control it. And how can we do that? This is through installing fire rated doors.  What are these fire rated doors?

The fire rated doors or fire resistance doors are the specially constructed door to control the spread of the fire from one component to the other in a building, ship or home. They act like a barrier between you and fire, enabling to save your life before its spread.

What are the characteristics of a fire rated door?

These are door are exceptionally designed to control the fire for atleast 30 minutes. Well constructed with flax board or wood, the door slows down the fire burn enabling the occupants to vacant the place. The seal fitted on the door is the main of its features. The seals stick the door to the place on immediate impact of fire. The stringent door sealing blocks the spread of fire or smoke.

These doors are constructed of varied designs for residential, commercial and industrial purpose. It is available in complete set which has a frame and ironmongery that ensures the door is fixed at place at the time of emergency. ‘Door Set’ is doubtlessly a safer option as it is important to control the fire on urgent purpose. And Ausflam strictly constructed door set are efficient enough to serve the need.

Mostly used in commercial purposes- offices or hostels, the doors also find its preference in the domestic use as well. As controlled by the building regulations, it is necessary to verify the building regulations for residential installment. Primarily, it is used for internal purposes are also at times used for external needs like the pathways.

Once the construction is done it is checked by the third party to ensure the capacity as mentioned. The degree of efficiency depends on the time it stands the fire. For the minimum is the time of 30 minutes, if the door fails in its practical examination, it is rejected for use.

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