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Mobile-first strategy results in average click-to-completion of 46.5%

Reducing friction and building trust with Mobile Journeys

Melbourne, AU: Business communications provider Esendex has provided analysis showing the impact of a mobile-first data collection strategy. Users of Esendex’s Mobile Journeys solution are experiencing average click-to-completion rates of 46.5%, exceeding the average (reported by Formstack) of 12.6%. 

Accessed via a link typically sent by SMS, a Mobile Journey is a dedicated mobile friendly website that aims to remove the barriers to completing an action on a smaller screen. This includes pre-filling of form fields, adaptive error messages, and distraction-free design.

After launching Mobile Journeys in November 2015, Esendex’s customers have leveraged the platform to average a 21.9% click-through rate (CTR), and a 54.18% click-to-completion rate for surveys. Payment journeys have achieved a 52.11% CTR, and a 30.99% click-to-completion rate.

CEO Geoff Love comments: “Our customers are dedicated to improving communication with their customers and staff, and, on finding that their ‘mobile optimised’ web forms weren’t driving engagement, asked us for a solution. We’re delighted to be able to prove the effectiveness of the Mobile Journey platform at guiding the user through almost any digital process.”

Future developments planned for the Mobile Journeys platform include interactive maps, file upload, e-tickets and dynamic document generation. You can try an example Mobile Journey out at https://www.esendex.com.au/services/mobile-journeys


For further information please contact Mark VanZuylekom (mark.vanzuylekom@esendex.com, 03 9975 7952).

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