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Announcing Kingdom Hack Wollongong 2016

Announcement posted by Kingdom Hack Pty Ltd 02 Sep 2016

Kingdom Hack is a world class Hackathon which will bring together competitors to participate over 24 hours to make something amazing.

Kingdom Hack today announced that the first of many hackathons will take place in Wollongong on the 26th November, 2016 in partnership with WiseTech Global and the Wollongong Information Technology Society (WITS).

“Kingdom Hack is a world class Hackathon which will bring together competitors to participate over 24 hours to make something amazing.” said Benjamin Darbyshire, Co-Founder and experienced hackathon organiser. “The event is aimed at those with a passion for building out and realising an idea. From coders, biohackers to entrepreneurs and first-time tinkerers, Kingdom Hack is for all.”

The Wollongong event will be hosted in the stunning coastal city of Wollongong, situated an hour south of Sydney. Wollongong has a thriving startup scene that has produced some of the Australia most inspiring startups, with more and more businesses recognising the pivoting local economy as a great way to get off the ground.

“From a cool weekend project, to the formative stages of a growing startup, this is the opportunity for competitors to be really put their skills to the test and also to learn new ones.” explained Steven Cooper (aka DeveloperSteve) Co-Founder, tech evangelist and international hackathon organiser. “Kingdom Hack was founded with the idea of bringing a new level of event to the region that would help highlight and showcase innovation with a strong emphasis on skillset diversity. Partnering with organisations like WITS and WiseTech Global has helped give us the support we needed to make this happen.”

The University of Wollongong will play host to Kingdom Hack Wollongong in the well-known and recently-renovated Unicentre. “With plenty of open space, a creative atmosphere and hideaway spots to hack without distraction, the Unicentre venue provides a premium hackathon experience where hacking, awesome side events and tech talks all fit and work together seamlessly.” said Benjamin Darbyshire.

Tickets start at $35, with early bird and student pricing available for $25. Detailed event and ticket information can be found on our site: kingdomhack.com.

The Kingdom Hack Prospectus can be found at https://kingdomhack.com/sponsorship, with sponsorship enquiries emailed to sponsor@kingdomhack.com.

Media enquiries can be directed to teamcon@kingdomhack.com


The Wollongong Information Technology Society (WITS) is a university student society for UOW students with an interest in technology and the IT Community. WITS successfully organised and ran Hackagong 2015, enabling it to be one of the biggest Australian hackathons since its inception.