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Greenlife Online Launches A New Range Of 100% Recyclable Wallets.

New Wallets Give Consumers An Eco-Friendly Alternative.

Australian Online retailer ‘Greenlife Online’ has launched a new range of mens wallets that are 100% recyclable, and are made in part from post-consumer recycled materials.

The wallets are made by US brand 'Paperwallet', which started in 2014 after a very successful Kickstarter campaign. Greenlife Online is Australia’s first company to supply the Paperwallet brand and will be shipping them across Australia and New Zealand.

Whilst the wallets almost appear to made of paper, they are actually made from 'Tyvek', a material that is waterproof, tear proof, expandable, and recyclable. Tyvek also has some of the qualities of paper, in that it can be drawn and printed on. Paperwallets feature colourful artwork from artists around the world, such as SLip (Alexandra Katehakis), Brendan Monroe and Gelada Studios.

The wallets are incredibly slimline, measuring only 3mm thick when empty. When the wallets are filled with cards and notes, the Tyvek automatically expands as needed.

“We're extremely happy to have Paperwallet on board” said Greenlife Online owner Matthew Devitt. “We're seeing more and more demand for eco friendly alternatives to traditional products such as wallets, and with Paperwallet we can offer a product that is made using recycled materials, and at the end of it's life it can then be completely recycled. A little later in the year we're going to be launching our own Tyvek recycling program as well, where people can return their Tyvek wallets directly to us and we'll take care of the recycling for them."

As well as men’s wallets, there are also plans to expand the range into women’s purses, and even duffle bags and backpacks, all made from the same Tyvek material.

The Paperwallet Tyvek wallets are priced at $29 AUD each, with free delivery across Australia and New Zealand. 

About Greenlife Online

Greenlife Online is an Australian retailer that specialises in eco friendly fashion accessories such as sunglasses, watches, wallets and phone covers, all made from sustainable and recycled materials. Their brands are carefully selected from around the world, with preference given to companies that give back to the planet, such as planting new trees or donating to charities. Free shipping is included on all orders in Australia and New Zealand.

For more information visit www.greenlifeonline.com.au