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Teksmobile Ramps Up Custom API Development Services

Teksmobile has started to offer holistic, high-quality API development services to clients. This is in addition to the iOS and Android development services that the company has already made a name for itself in.

Custom API development is going to feature prominently in the service portfolio of Teknowledge Software, a globally recognized mobile app company. CEO Mr. Hussain Fakhruddin announced this in a recent press event.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Fakhruddin highlighted on the importance of APIs, or application program interfaces, for customers. A brief presentation was made to show how APIs help applications connect to the cloud and backend server, as well as with rich clients on the frontend. The man has been a professional mobile apps and API architect for more than a decade - and his experience clearly showed during the session.

Moving on to his own company, Mr. Fakhruddin stated that Teksmobile will increase its focus on providing end-to-end API services to customers. Right from API designing and development, to API monitoring and monetization - everything will be handled by the company, on behalf of interested clients. In addition, Teknowledge shall offer personalized API consultancy services as well. Availing this service would help customers resolve all types of API-related queries, as Mr. Fakhruddin correctly pointed out.

Teksmobile also has plans in place to provide smart enterprise API management services to corporate clients. A senior iOS developer from the company outlined the benefits of API-usage for companies - for boosting their mobility systems, collaborating with partners and other stakeholders, making the day-to-day workflow more efficient, and growing a strong third-party developer ecosystem. Choosing the right API strategy (API strategy optimization) is critical for generating internal and external value from APIs, and Teksmobile helps clients in that regard as well.

Over the years, Mr. Fakhruddin’s app development company has made a name for itself for technological excellence and innovation. During the event, he emphasized on the importance of using the latest tools and technologies for creating APIs for clients. The in-house developers at Teks already have considerable experience in working with the Swagger 2.0 API framework - and other cutting-edge tools and resources like Apigee and MuleSoft to deliver the best API solutions to customers. Commitment to quality has always been a hallmark of Teksmobile’s services - and the company’s track record suggests that its APIs will also be of the highest standard.

Mr. Fakhruddin took the opportunity to pinpoint the considerable amount of research that has gone in behind the API services launched by Teks. In-house developer training programs were organized, to acquaint developers with new-age tools like Usergrid and Apigee. The CEO, together with other senior API professionals, took up the responsibility to familiarizing the employees with all the nitty-gritty about the development, deployment and maintenance of Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS). Given the sheer volume of ground work involved, it’s hardly a surprise that the company currently has some of the finest API professionals in Asia.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Mr. Fakhruddin revealed how crucial it is for him, along with his team of mobile app and API developers, to constantly learn and stay updated about all things new related to APIs. The Teks CEO identified this segment as a rapidly evolving one - and emphasized on the importance of providing dynamic services to clients. Teksmobile also has a separate team of API testers, which is in charge of ensuring that every API conforms to the pre-specified quality standards.

In October, Mr. Hussain Fakhruddin will be joining The 2016 Platform Summit by Nordic APIs (http://nordicapis.com/events/2016-platform-summit/#schedule) - where he will be hosting a session titled ‘Lightning Talk’. He expressed his delight at the prospect of knowledge exchange with fellow speakers at the high-profile event, to be held on 24-26 October. The opportunity to share his knowledge among peers from all over the world excites him too.

API development is far from being a new addition in the service bouquet of Teksmobile. However, the company has already started to focus on delivering custom APIs in a way like never before. Before signing off, Mr. Fakhruddin revealed that he is looking to make Teksmobile one of the top API providers in the world by mid-2017. Looking at the past successes and track record of the man, it seems a fairly reasonable target too!

Visit http://teks.co.in/site/api-design-and-development.php to know more about the API services offered by Teksmobile. For free API quotes and other information, call 91-33-40649087 or drop emails to info@teks.co.in. APIs developed by Teks are already popular among clients - and they look all set to bring further recognition to the company.