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Aussie inventor leading his company to global growth

Makinex to roll out 20 products in 20 countries in a decade

Media Release                                                                                                           October 2016

CEO, founder and inventor Rory Kennard, is leading his design-led company, Makinex, on a mission to roll out 20 world-first innovative products in 20 countries in the next 10 years, as they source new global distributors in Japan , USA, Europe and the Middle East.
The innovative company, who already have offices in Sydney and Los Angeles has a big picture vision for its future and is focused on innovation, invention and disruption of the construction industry.
Inspired by safety issues and doing things better, Rory Kennard, set out to create solutions for problems and challenges that tradies and contractors were having in their everyday roles in the sector.
The team have invented over 13 products since its inception in 2004.  Biggest sellers include the Powered Hand Truck, Makinex Dual Pressure Washer and Jack Hammer Trolley, but they also have designed and created generators, tile smasher heads, floor saws and floor strippers as part of their product portfolio.
With the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy identifying the construction industry as a priority for work health and safety* and 35 construction employees seriously injured each day*, Makinex has made it their mission to make inefficiencies extinct.
A recent launch of product, the Powered Hand Truck, has already seen the company win Safe Work Australia’s ‘Good Design’ Award earlier this year. The revolutionary machine, allows just one person to pick up small and bulky loads weighing up to 140kg (309lbs). As there is no need for a license, this makes the Powered Hand Truck ideal for lifting small bulky goods that would usually need more than one person or take up valuable forklift time. It has the potential to cut shoulder and back injuries from heavy lifting, creating a safer and efficient environment in the workplace.
In Feb 2016 Makinex PHT won The Rental Award in the UK and immediately after this win had a PHT product video go viral prompting international interest in the product and business.
On his businesses growth, Kennard says, “Makinex strives towards continuous improvement and making inefficiencies extinct in the workplace. We are constantly looking closely at the marketplace to find unique, innovative and practical product solutions that provide the construction and rental industries with a better way to do their jobs to save time, physical effort and money”.
“It’s exciting times here as we begin to drive the business forward. Robotics are next on the list, with my team continuing to innovate and solve problems every day”
“We believe that ‘good enough’ is never enough for our customers”, says Kennard.
View the multi-award winning Powered Hand Truck here

CEO, Rory Kennard and GGM, Paul Weaver with the existing Makinex range

* http://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/sites/swa/statistics/industry/pages/industry
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Makinex is an award winning company which is set to disrupt the construction industry with their unique and innovatively designed products which provide a better way of getting the job done.
The company has offices in Sydney and LA and their products are distributed and sold around the world and stocked in Home Depot in the US. Only JHT in Home depot
With plans to expand the existing designed product range, growth in local and global markets and a commitment to ongoing research and development, Makinex is experiencing unprecedented growth, particularly in our own line of designed and manufactured products.
List of products:
Hose 2 Go
Generator 16 kVA
Powered Hand Truck -140
Makinex Jackhammer Trolley
Tile Smasher Jackhammer Attachment
Flippable Wide Chisel Jackhammer Attachment
Makinex Dual Pressure Washer 4000psi
Makinex Dual Pressure Washer 2500psi
Makinex Floor Saw
Makinex Floor Stripper
Generator 10kVA Petrol
Generator 9kVA Diesel
Generator 6kVA Petrol