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Now Blended in NZ: Lifestream Spirulina Performance Blue

Lifestream Spirulina Performance Blue Contains Highest Phycocyanin Content Available in New Zealand

Lifestream has vastly improved the premium quality of Spirulina Performance Blue by blending the product in New Zealand, increasing the phycocyanin content to 23 percent—the highest of any spirulina available in the country. 

Because phycocyanin gives extra support to combat oxidative stress, it may be helpful in sports and stress recovery (mental as well as physical stress), vitality, sustaining energy and stamina, whilst supporting the immune system.

Market leader Lifestream Spirulina Performance contains up to 50% more phycocyanin than other spirulinas - it is truly the 'blue blood' of spirulinas.

Spirulina, a superfood powerhouse, is nature's only source of phycocyanin and is well known for its range of nutrients including GLA, an Omega 6 fatty acid, Vitamin B3, magnesium and is also rich in easy-to-absorb iron. This unique combination makes it the perfect spirulina for people who are under increased physical or mental stress, are immune compromised or require extra energy to perform at their best.

Lifestream, a Kiwi owned and operated company, is trusted because of its 30 years of leadership, bringing innovative food based, non-synthetic, supplements to the Australasian market, including the introduction of spirulina and aloe vera juice.

Spirulina Performance is available from:

Hardy’s, Health 2000 and all good pharmacies and health stores.

Spirulina Performance 200 tabs at $44.90RRP and 500 Tabs $84.90RRP

Mini Blue Spirulina Performance 300 tabs at $34.90RRP and 1000 tabs at $74.90RRP

Media Notes

  • Lifestream naturopath Karin Spicer is available for interview.
  • Product samples are available for review and photography purposes;
  • Giveaway opportunities may be available upon request.