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Record Remuneration Rejection Should Have Real Results At Pacific Current Group Limited

The vote against the remuneration report was a record for an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)-listed company.

Following the stunningly emphatic defeat of Pacific Current Group Limited’s proposed 2015-16 remuneration plan at last week’s annual general meeting, constructivist investor Advocate Strategic Investments (ASI) demands a claw-back of the wages and bonuses in the defeated plan.

The vote against the remuneration report was a record for an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)-listed company.

Pacific Current reported a $48.2 million loss in the 2015-16 year, mainly because of a $77.5 million write-down of Seizert Capital Partners. Despite this, the company proposed to pay former Chief Executive Tim Carver $1.72 million – including a cash payment of $824,421 – despite Mr. Carver resigning in April, to join US investee fund manager GQG Partners.

Chief Investment Officer Paul Greenwood received $1.79 million, while Finance Director and Chief Operating Officer Joe Ferragina was paid $755,890.

These payments were followed up by the non-executive directors having their salaries increased by 42 percent. Shareholders at the annual general meeting last week were adamant – to the tune of an 84 per cent vote against the remuneration report – that these payments were manifestly excessive.

In the wake of the shareholder vote, ASI proposes that 84 per cent of these amounts are returned to the company.

That these handouts are excessive is true not only in the context of the company’s disastrous actual performance in 2015-16, but also when set against the $147 million worth of impairments that the assets brought into the company by Northern Lights have required, in less than two years, and the $200 million that has been wiped off the market value of Pacific Current since the November 2014 tie-up with Northern Lights and BNP Paribas.

These are only the payments that shareholders know about – there are plenty of other passengers on the gravy train, in both Sydney and Seattle, whose remuneration is as difficult to identify as much of the company’s financial information.

Pacific Current shareholders have seen $288 million of their hard-earned equity transferred into the Aurora Trust, only to see more than half of this amount – $148 milliongo up in smoke in less than two years.

It’s time for a bit of redress!

ASI intends to address the structure of the Pacific Current board. The board is top-heavy with people who are not, in ASI’s opinion, adding demonstrable strategic value. As a result, we believe that Paul Greenwood, Melda Donnelly, Gilles Guerin and Jeff Vincent should step down. 


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