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Tarkett leads combat against poor indoor air quality with the launch of eco-friendly iQ ONE flooring range in Australia


Tarkett leads combat against poor indoor air quality with the launch of eco-friendly iQ ONE flooring range in Australia
  • Children and elderly most vulnerable to poor indoor air quality in commercial facilities
  • Tarkett’s iQ ONE flooring range purpose-designed to improve indoor air quality and living standards
  • Strong need for manufacturers in Australia to take-up sustainable strategies like Cradle to Cradle®
Sydney, Tuesday 8 November 2016 – Tarkett, a global leader in sustainable flooring, today launched the iQ ONE flooring range in Australia, which is purpose-designed to improve the air quality and living standards across healthcare, aged care and education facilities. As a result of its positive impact on the environment and human health, Tarkett iQ One has achieved Green Tag Level A Certificate issued by Global Green Tag, adding to its status as the world’s first homogenous flooring product to earn a Cradle to Cradle® Gold level certification by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.
This has been followed by the release of the 2016 Towards Building That Thrive Report authored by the Thrive Research Hub at The University of Melbourne. The report addresses the need to develop building design and construction practices and interior materials that promote healthier and sustainable commercial spaces, with a focus on indoor air quality.  
The report commissioned by Tarkett found that exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from building materials such as flooring can result in significant adverse health issues for building occupants and workers, including Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).[1]
Alarmingly, the report also found that despite children, elderly and the sick being particularly vulnerable to unhealthy indoor air qualities due to their growing bodies and lowered immune systems, the facilities used to service this group are held to the same indoor air quality thresholds as commercial offices and warehouses. [2]
“To address the increased pressure on design professionals to build healthier, sustainable indoor environments, the iQ ONE flooring range provides them with a non-PVC and phthalate-free, low VOC emissions and fully recyclable option that has not yet been seen in this market category”, said Ralph Jorissen, Managing Director of Tarkett Australasia.
“Unhealthy indoor air quality is one of the biggest threats to Australian’s health and wellbeing in the built environment but is often completely taken for granted. So it is more important now than ever that manufactures take-up strategies that promote healthy indoor environments.”
The report authored by The University of Melbourne’s Thrive Research Hub finds that using sustainable products like Tarkett’s iQ ONE will:
  1. Improve human health and wellbeing by providing low levels of long term health impacting VOCs, increased hygiene, dust reduction, thermal comfort and visual and acoustic appeal.
  2. Increase resource efficiency of manufacturing, using less water and energy, producing less waste, product stewardship, maximised recycled material content, use of renewable resources and design for reuse and recyclability.
  1. Boost economic benefits through the use of a finish that is easy to clean and maintain and is long lasting and durable.
  2. Improve regeneration impact through creating benefit beyond the immediate product to the systems that the product interacts with across its life cycle.
Renowned architect Peter Colquhoun said, “I am proud to be associated with the launch of this revolutionary Tarkett product in Australia. As an architect, I recognise the strong need to make careful decisions about building materials and see iQ ONE as a leader in healthy, sustainable solutions.”

“Tarkett represents a world class, environmentally responsible brand and its iQ ONE range is a step change when it comes to flooring that not only offers environmental benefits, but also human health, wellbeing and economic benefits. On top of this, the iQ ONE range of colours and patterns offers aesthetically beautiful solutions for many diverse spaces.”

Dr Robert Crawford, of the Thrive Research Hub said, “The report brings to the forefront the urgent need for the sensible use of materials as the exponential growth of extraction of natural resources for building and construction continues. Companies that put the wellbeing of the earth and the human population at the centre of their practises will be central to the building industry of the future.”
By setting the highest standards in eco-innovation, Tarkett leads the flooring industry by providing tangible environmental and health benefits to its flooring users. Its aim is to ensure that Tarkett customers benefit from the best products, made from good, sustainable materials that contribute to people’s health, well-being and the environment without compromising performance and design experience.

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With net sales of 2.7 billion euros recorded in 2015, Tarkett is a global leader in innovative and sustainable flooring and wall covering solutions.

Every day, Tarkett sells 1.3 million square metres of flooring to a range of residential and commercial customers for health care, aged care, education, housing, hospitality, office, retail and sports projects, delivering the ultimate flooring experiences that improve people's health, wellbeing, and living environments.

In Australia, they offer a diverse range of products including Vinyl, Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), Wood, Laminate, Carpet, Carpet Tile and Linoleum across the Tarkett, Desso, Johnsonsite and Tandus brands.

Committed to sustainable development, the company is driven by an eco‐innovation strategy and promotes circular economy.
On average, we spend 90 per cent of our time indoors, which is why Tarkett is committed to designing better, healthier and more productive living spaces for all. iQ ONE offers a perfect balance between aesthetics, flexibility and strength for the tough demanding requirements of high traffic areas. The patent pending, innovative, non-PVC formula provides the same unique benefits that have made iQ a recognised name in homogeneous flooring for decades.
The new iQ ONE offers the following features:
  • Non-PVC
  • Phthalate-free
  • Low VOC’s emissions
  • 100 per cent recyclable
  • No biocides
  • High durability and flexibility
  • Easy to install
  • Heat welded for optimal hygiene and easy cleaning
  • Low maintenance – no wax or polish required
  • Wet room approved according to GBR trade standard
Mix and Match
The iQ ONE collection comes in an array of 38 colours and three non-directional patterns: Dusty, Classic and Misty. The various patterns provide an attractive variety and let you mix and match to create coordinated and harmonious decors, available with coordinated non-PVC welding rods for a perfect finish. iQ ONE is also extremely flexible. This simplifies the installation process by making it easy to cover up walls, install around pipes and fold down into floor drains, which also makes it approved for wet room installations. The product can be maintained with dry or damp methods with only water and mild detergents without using wax or polish. It can easily be restored to its original appearance and properties by dry buffing. This gives iQ ONE a low life cycle cost and a quicker return on investment.

For more information about iQ ONE flooring range visit www.iqone.com.au.
[1] Page 8, Towards Building That Thrive Report, 2016
[2] Page 7, Towards Building That Thrive Report, 2016