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Joy Jump Inflatables Launches Sales outlets in the United States and Australia

Is This The Company We Long Awaited For Inflatables With High Quality And Lowest Prices?

New study shows more than 50 percent of party hirers around the globe. Surveyed identified bad quality with scams when they goes for cheaper jumping castles and inflatable water slides and end up with loosing most of the money they invested and 30 % are in a risk of loosing law suit due to improper standards of the inflatables, but only 18 percent admit to be alright with the products but most of them paid heaps of dollars for the products.

As Joy Jump goes on sale in Australia and USA buyers has high hopes this will end their long search for reliable high quality supplier who will give them more value for the money they invest . Joy Jump has conducted a survey and results showing the surprising ways how the jumping castles and inflatable water slides have become a part of the fabric of parties and special events. One of the most important point illustrated by the survey is that 40 percent of all kids birthday parties and 60 percent of special events never ends up without at least small injury or accident. Joy Jump is challenging party renters and special event planers to get a grip on their purchasing plans and go for the world class quality with the best affordable prices with long lasting warranty for every product.

Although kids love inflatables such as jumping castles and inflatable water slides, there is growing annoyance with the bad designs which are not up to international quality standards which the design it self causes injuries and accidents .Relatively few have admitted they check on the quality . Yet Most adults indicate they would definitely hire a jumping castle or a water slide for the kids party and not cautious of the injuries and seeks the documented quality certificates of the jumping castles , but this scale is becoming balanced by the time goes by and most adults are cautious about the quality .Most of the local governments are very strict on the products quality and seeks for certifications of the quality standards before approving any inflatable product to be hired

fifty percent of party hirers and special event planers have admitted that they would definitely go for new supplier for various reasons but most common reasons are the quality ad very high price they need to pay for a relatively inexpensive product the simple reason is the standards those manufacturers maintain .

The joy jump Australian quality inflatables offer a different kind of experience designed to get buyers in, out and back to moving business with world class quality with Australian and USA standards with affordable prices comparatively 1/3 rd of the normal price you pay for the same quality. With high quality and high durability joy jump makes the customers earn more than 1000 percent of their investment and slowly gaining the customers attention to the brand of joy jump as a reliable partner in their business.