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Stirfry Software releases a FREE version of their SoundSoup app for sound modelling and acoustic design

Following on from the release of their SoundSoup-Pro app earlier this year, Stirfry Software has now introduced SoundSoup-Free, offering a no-cost version of the iPad-based sound modelling and acoustic design app

Stirfry Software announces the release of SoundSoup-Free, the basic level no-cost companion to the more advanced SoundSoup-Pro app.  This new addition to the SoundSoup range will be suitable for people with simpler design requirements, or for anyone who wants to try out what sound modelling can do for them.

Both SoundSoup versions run on an iPad. They allow anyone to hear the sound of a room, in the same way that 3D visualisation programs help to design the visual features.  The SoundSoup apps enable the user to explore in real-time how a room would sound with different windows, walls, floor coverings, curtains or other features. They include a large range of selectable sounds, construction materials and surface finishes, including specialist acoustic products from Industry Partners.

Professionally-designed acoustic simulation software combined with a simple, intuitive user interface mean SoundSoup can be used by architects, acoustic engineers, interior designers, property developers, office fit-out firms, educational institutions, builders, home improvement enthusiasts, and everyone interested in the sound of the environment.  The SoundSoup apps provide a whole new set of tools to create better-sounding spaces and avoid costly construction mistakes.

SoundSoup-Free offers all the features required for basic use, including sound modelling and demonstrating acoustic designs. 

For the user needing advanced features, SoundSoup-Pro, costing just US$14.99, provides detailed and accurate data on reverberation times, sound pressure levels and sound transmission loss. It also offers configurable sound sources, WAV format sound recordings, data export, and lots more. Data export can be as PDF or CSV files, for inclusion in reports, proposals and spreadsheets.

Companies that manufacture acoustic materials can become Industry Partners with Stirfry Software to showcase and demonstrate their products within the SoundSoup app range. Their products are included in the list of selectable materials, with a link to the Company’s website.

To view the SoundSoup Video Introductions visit Stirfry Software’s YouTube channel:  http://www.youtube.com/channel/UClXzuKQwE_pCF3dtlGR5O-g

SoundSoup-Free and SoundSoup-Pro can be downloaded from Apple’s iPad App Store.


The SoundSoup for iPad range is produced by Stirfry Software, an Australian venture which is a collaboration between a highly experienced professional acoustic engineer, Dr Rob Bullen, and Wendy Tufts, an international IT consultant.

Stirfry Software has a website with detailed information about the SoundSoup app range:  www.stirfrysoftware.com

Or for more information: Call Rob on +61 (0)407 461 100 or email Rob@stirfrysoftware.com