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Telechnics Two Way Radio Systems – Gift Yourself Peace of Mind!

Radio specialists Telechnics offers you and your establishment an ideal gift this Christmas – security and peace of mind through a dedicated two-way radio system that enables quick coordination of workers and immediate responses in time-sensitive environments. 

Every company needs an ideal security communication solutions and nothing works better than security radios. The Telechnics range of security radios are durable, weatherproof and come with a range of accessories and extra functions designed especially with security personnel in mind. These security radios are fully functional and operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Telechnics has been on the forefront of two-way radio systems technology for over 25 years, delivering a complete range of radios, accessories and services for everything from handheld portable radios to dedicated on-site telecommunications systems.

Telechnics does not stop at just providing the equipment, they also provide all the products, assistance and support you will ever need. One of Australia’s primary two-way radio specialists, their modern service centre is fully equipped and up to date, delivering the highest levels of functionality across a full range of two way radio maintenance, repair, construction and assembly services. They understand that when the safety of yourself and those around you is at stake, technical issues are not an option.

Telechnics serves all kinds of industries and delivers outstanding communication solutions every time. These include construction, government, retail,  security, hospitality and other industrial establishments. Telechnics customers can choose from a range of two way radio systems and brands such as Kenwood, Motorola, Simoco, Icom, Vertex, Damm, GME, Omnitronics, Design Two Thousand, and Tait. 

As you prepare for Christmas and New Year, visit the Telechnics office at Auburn, Sydney for a special consultation! Peace of mind is within reach. Gift your company the two-way radio system! 

To know more about the two-way radio system, visit https://www.telechnics.com.au/about-two-way-radio-systems