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Mathletics announces free access for schools in a bid to improve Australia’s mathematics ranking in the world

In response to the release of Australia slipping to 28th position in the world mathematics rankings, 3P Learning - a global leader in education technology and the creators of Mathletics, have today announced free access to all Australian schools*.
Emma Campbell, Head of Maths at 3P Learning says, “As a mathematics educator, it’s very sad to see Australia’s ranking fall in the latest TIMMS results. There are many factors that contribute to student achievement in maths. One of those is mindset. Research shows that anyone can learn mathematics – it’s not simply something that you are ‘born with’. Believing that you can do maths is critical to student achievement.”
“All three partners in the education process – students, parents and teachers ­– need to believe that anyone can learn mathematics. At Mathletics we believe that anyone can learn maths.”
“Making mistakes is a crucial part of the learning process. The latest brain research shows that when we make a mistake and persevere to work out where we went wrong, that this is when real learning takes place,” said Emma.
The Mathletics program is unique in the fact that it has specifically been designed to involve and accommodate the three essential partners in learning: the student, teacher and parent or carer. Today over 5.65 million children in more than 20 000 schools across the globe learn with Mathletics.
A recent independent study commissioned by Mathletics identified:
- by students spending as little as 30 mins/week on Mathletics curriculum activities, schools can gain a potential advantage of more than 9 %# 
- students with longer-term usage (more than 2 years) saw an even greater jump in NAPLAN results.#
Mathletics has also been endorsed by Dr Tony Stokes, from the Australian Catholic University, who says, “Schools that use Mathletics achieve higher NAPLAN scores than schools that don’t.”
Michael Wales, Teacher at The Oaks Public School is also an advocate, “Personally, in my teaching in Mathematics, Mathletics is a pertinent component of my planning and programming and is used extensively. Above all, Mathletics has had a positive impact on teaching and learning, students enjoy using the program and when used effectively, teachers have benefited from it applications and features.”
To access the Mathletics free trial please go to: mathletics.com
* Free access for schools until end of 2016 for those who subscribe for 2017.
# Over 8,000 Australian schools were examined covering all sectors, states and socioeconomic backgrounds. The study examined NAPLAN average school results in 2008, 2010 and 2012 in comparison with Mathletics usage.