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eVestigator Simon Smith, Cyber Private Investigator talks Dating Scams with Channel 9

Over 40,000 online dating scams are reported every year. How many are actioned by the Police?


Online dating and Internet Fraud

Simon Smith of eVestigator knows all too well the emotional and psychological distress his clients go through when they fall the victim of relationship cyber scams. As a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, an author and trainer of Grief and Trauma coursework, and a Cyber Forensic Private Investigator and Expert Witness, he has helped so many people find their online scammers - but as he recently told Channel Nine's Today Extra show, what happens after that is out of his hands.

After the interview he elaborated. "Unfortunately, despite providing evidence on a silver platter to the ACORN and to the Police who are charged with the responsibility of protecting Australian's both in Australia and via interpol, I see and hear of complete failures on both sides of law enforcement in doing their job, and even hear of cases I've solved being still alive scamming others, which upsets me", Mr. Smith said. This morning, the 5th December 2016, at around 10:00 am, live on Channel 9 he was joined with one of his recent clients and victims to a dating scam, Christine who lost 73-thousand dollars to a man she believed she was dating. They spoke with Sonia Kruger and David Campbell about what seems to be a systemic issue that needs attention.

They discussed the emotional distress and devastating effects that cyber dating scam victims face when they are looking for love on 'dating sites' and find something they certainly were not looking for. "It is an absolute pity that people are victims to these crimes - they always choose people with some form of weakness", Mr. Smith said.  "I want to give some advice to everybody as we head towards the holiday season", he further stated. "I hereby provide some golden rules for everyone out there, some of which we did not have time to say live this morning - but please take these seriously. I am in the frontline of the defence of multimillion dollar dating crimes and these tips are all you need to reduce the risk of becoming another potential statistic. Let me help you, like I have helped others."

1. Look local. Ensure you call the person on a real mobile number and they call you back from that same number.

2. Ensure you meet the person in a reasonable time frame somewhere public.

3. An online dating site is not for dating. It is to simply introduce you to a real person.

4. If a chatter does not turn to be a real conversation within a reasonable timeframe, say bye bye!

Mr. Smith also said, "It's not always the crime element you need to look at. The banks are not so innocent too. First, talk to your bank. If you do not consciously participate in a crime, then banking institutes have an obligation to return your money if you are defrauded online. Do not be fooled if they give you the runaround and tell you to report the crime and 'they have done all they can and feel sorry for you'. If that happens you can call me."

As for Christine, she has lost all trust in men. Particularly having a young son she says she only ever let two men around him in her life and now that this has happened she can't trust anyone anymore. Mr. Smith reiterates, "This is nothing to be ashamed of. I have seen Professors get scammed, everybody has a human heart - it is my job to enter into their minds and understand them to think like them and expose their identity - and believe me, their minds aren't full of high-tech gear", Mr. Smith concluded. Of course, if you want the best, there is eVestigator, Simon Smith. https://www.evestigator.com.au

The live TV segment is on YouTube:


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