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Ancient Norwegian and Irish Mythology in a Contemporary World

Erinland by Kath Berryman

Author Kathryn Berryman found herself returning to one particular book. Drawn by its primal beauty, the illuminated work was fascinating, worthy of admiration and respect. The book was the Book of Kells and Kathryn had no idea that this experience would eventually lead her to write the fantasy novel, Erinland.

Ready for a new direction in life, Kathryn left work and began the inspiring and challenging experience of parenthood. Amidst busy family life and studying to become a teacher Erinland receded into the mist, waiting in the wings and biding its time. Once her children had finished school and began their adult lives she delved back into the world of Erinland. Kathryn worked hard nurturing her ‘first child’ to maturity, twenty-four years after its conception.

Kathryn merged the history and mythology of ancient Norway and Ireland with the contemporary world, threading them into a rich tapestry of believable characters. Her mother’s Irish heritage, and the remembered stories from her childhood prompted the visit to Ireland where her own quest to bring Erinland to life began.

Searching for acceptance and self-belief, the central characters of Erinland find themselves on a voyage of personal development. In keeping with this theme, Kathryn is donating 10% of every copy sold to support Father Chris Riley’s ‘Youth Off the Streets.’

The book launch for Erinland will be held at Mahratta in New South Wales on the 29th of January 2017.

Kathryn will be promoting Erinland at various bookshops and libraries by engaging with readers through speaking events and book signings etc.

ISBN: 9781925530001 

Price $25

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 135mm x 215mm

Contact author: kathberr@bigpond.net.au

Contact publisher: publishing@inhouseprint.com.au

Website: kathrynberryman.com