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Event Cinemas and Monster Pictures partner for the Monster Fest Travelling Sideshow

March 9 to 12 at Event Cinemas, George St, Sydney - further dates around the country TBA

Sydney-side genre fans will get a taste of Monster Pictures’ annual Melbourne-based genre film festival Monster Fest this March, thanks to a unique partnership with Event Cinemas to present The Monster Fest Travelling Sideshow, beginning at the prestigious George Street Cinema in Sydney March 9-11, 2017 with subsequent dates in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

The Monster Fest Travelling Sideshow will be a mix of horror-centric highlights from Monster Fest 2016 (see the archive of 2016 films and events HERE) and select Australian premieres, including that of the highly-anticipated all-female horror anthology XX - which will be having its World Premiere at Sundance later this month - and Nik Kacevski’s Sydney-made SKINFORD, with cast and crew in person for a hometown red carpet debut.

The touring satellite event will open on March 9th with the Sydney Premiere of Julia Ducournau’s controversial “Golden Monster”-winning feature debut RAW, about a young vegetarian whose dark urges are awakened after she is forced to undergo a carnivorous college hazing ritual. The fright-filled weekend will also include a new 4K restoration of Italo-horror maestro Dario Argento’s 1977 masterpiece SUSPIRIA, Sydney director Jai Love’s moving and morbid documentary DEAD HANDS DIG DEEP, about the traumatized frontman of extreme metal band Kettle Cadaver, Nicholas Pesce’s gothic Sundance midnighter THE EYES OF MY MOTHER (which Rolling Stone called “curdled Americana at its most gruesome and brilliant”) and André Øvredal’s award-winning THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE, recently praised by none other than Stephen King himself, who called it “visceral horror to rival ALIEN and early Cronenberg” and warned: “Watch it, but not alone.”

Monster Fest Artistic Director Kier-La Janisse says the Sydney weekender will be just the first of many such events to be mounted by Monster Pictures over the coming year. “This touring sidebar is an incredibly exciting initiative for us,” she says. “It’s always been our goal to bring the most pioneering and challenging new genre cinema to fans all over the country, and to create a wider platform for its appreciation.”

The Event Cinemas team is proud to be that platform. "We’re thrilled to be partnering with Monster Pictures to bring the Monster Fest Travelling Sideshow to Sydney,” says George Street General Manager Anthony Kierann, “bringing a collection of stories and films not for the faint hearted. A special weekend-long event with new Australian works, exciting Q&As with emerging filmmakers and a diverse collection of highly creative and imaginative films from innovative filmmakers. The Monster Fest Travelling Sideshow will present a tapestry of horror and wonder and all things truly imaginative and frightening." 

Monster Fest Travelling Sideshow is made possible by the continued support of Screen Australia in 2017.



What: The Monster Fest Travelling Sideshow at Event Cinemas
Where: Event Cinemas 505-525 George Street, Sydney, further dates around the country TBA
When: March 9th to March 12th 2017 
Ticketing and screening information at: