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ESL Australia announces new season of AU & NZ Championship

The premier esports league in the region is back in 2017, with more seasons, more prize money, and more esports action.


February 1, 2017. The ESL AU & NZ Championship is returning in 2017, and will see an increase from 2 to 3 seasons over the year, meaning more competition, more tournaments, and more action to watch live. Starting with Counter-Strike:Global Offensive and Rocket League as the first two announced titles, the ESL AU & NZ Championship will bring the best players from the region together to compete at the top level of gaming.

Season 1 will see players compete for a total of $17,500 across our announced titles, with details on future seasons to come at a later date.

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive

The first AU & NZ Championships CS:GO league in 2017 will comprise of 8 teams, all participating weekly for 7 weeks over Monday and Thursday nights - all to earn a place at the offline season final. Invited teams will battle it out with the winners of a closed online qualifier, to determine the final teams that will compete in Season 1 for the $10,000 prize pool.

  • Invited Teams:

    • Avant Garde

    • Legacy Esports

    • Team Exile 5

    • Alpha Sydney

    • Covidae

    • Cypher

Once the top 8 teams have been found, the ESL AU&NZ Championships will begin on February 27.

Rocket League

Rocket League will make its debut appearance as a title in the ESL AU&NZ Championship this year, with 8 teams competing for a spot at the live finals and their share of a $7,500 prize pool. Four teams will first qualify through an invitational qualifier on February 14th, then two more open qualifiers on February 19th and February 25th will find the remaining top 4 teams.

After all teams have qualified, the Rocket League season will start on February 28.

About ESL Australia

The Electronic Sports League (ESL) is the largest and most important league for gamers consisting of more than 4 million registered members and more than 800,000 registered teams. At ESL Australia, our various pro leagues and grass roots cups offer every Australian esports enthusiast the opportunity to play any game in our network, connect with other gamers, and compete for massive prizes and glory.

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