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Recent Innovations drives Mary Rossi Travel to extend Tramada Relationship

Agency Operational Reporting and Secure Online Payments Key Technology

January 2017, Australia: Mary Rossi Travel, Sydney's most awarded Luxury Travel Agent, has extended their fourteen (14) year relationship as one of Tramada Systems’ first clients for another five years.

Mary Rossi Travel has an international reputation for extensive product knowledge and are strong advocates for professionalism in the travel industry.  This includes using innovative technology to ensure the best outcome for their clients.

Claudia Rossi Hudson, CEO Mary Rossi Travel says “It was an easy decision to extend our contract with Tramada Systems for the longer five year term as we are very happy with the product as it stands now and we know that Tramada Systems will keep pushing the boundaries with regards to functionality of the product.  

There is a lot of disruption in the leisure travel industry at the moment and unless you embrace change you get left behind. Online booking tools and customer expectations for immediate response means technology that helps consultants improve their efficiency and quality of service is mission critical to us.” 
Jo O’Brien, CEO Tramada Systems says “Mary Rossi Travel is one of the most respected businesses in the Australian travel industry.  With a long and proud history of excellence we are thrilled they have chosen to renew their partnership with Tramada Systems for the next five years.  Since their very earliest days they have provided exceptional customer service and this allows us to manage one of their most important assets, their customer data.”

Mary Rossi Travel conducts an internal audit on each new functionally that Tramada introduces to measure benefit to the company before implementing it. They also invested time and effort to understand their data to make sure they were making decisions on correct information.
Michael Schischka, Manager Mary Rossi Travel says “Tramada keeps adding new functionality and integration with other technology providers constantly enhancing their offering.  Recently the tramada® Payment Gateway and New Standard Reports have improved the productivity of our consultants and helped us manage our business.  Both are part of the standard core product so at no additional cost to us. It’s innovations like this that make us confident that Tramada will keep Mary Rossi Travel at the forefront of travel technology.”

Operational Reporting
Mary Rossi Travel use the New Standard Reports extensively in the day-to-day operational management of the business.  They use reports to understand consultant productivity and to analyse preferred supplier sales volumes.  This information provides a better view of what is happening in the business and assists in making better business decisions including setting KPI’s and targets, improving sales cycle and revenue flow and managing preferred supplier contracts. 

Michael Schischka says “New Standard Reports is a whole new paradigm in reporting for us with the drill through dashboards and reporting on live data.  We use the reports regularly to manage the business and make decisions but feel we are just touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how we can use these reports.  

It’s the little things that count, for example we run a report to find returning travellers and then send them a welcome home post card.  We use the new reports to review new, repeat and referred business at staff meetings.  The consultants also use the reports to manage their own productivity giving them greater autonomy resulting in a positive impact on employee satisfaction.”
Mary Rossi Travel are members of a number of preferred hotel and cruise groups which deliver benefits to their clients and use the supplier analysis report to reconcile sales against each supplier to ensure they are getting the maximum return from the arrangement.
Michael adds, “Once you get to know how the new reports “think” they are really easy to use and provide great insights into your clients and suppliers.” 

Secure and efficient payments
Tramada® Payment Gateway also passed the Mary Rossi Travel benefit audit identifying real gains in accuracy, productivity and security.  As credit card payments are processed within the PCI DSS secure tramada® environment there is no need to reenter card information improving efficiency.  Also removing the possibility of data entry errors and fraud in addition.   

Bijoy John, Head of Sales and Account Management, Tramada Systems states “Tramada Systems is committed to continuing to seek out new ways of supporting Mary Rossi Travel to use new functionality in the most effective way to improve their business performance.”