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TravelEdge gains early efficiencies with first Integrated Tramada and Concur Compleat solution - MyQC

February 2017, Sydney, Australia: In mid-2016 TravelEdge went live with improvements made to automate several manual processes in the administration support area of processing bookings by developing a solution to seamlessly integrate tramada® and Concur Compleat.  With Phase 1 of the project now complete, TravelEdge has rolled out the first reengineered workflows enjoying productivity gains and improved customer service.

Single seamless solution

“Keeping tramada® as our one source of truth is sacred to us, as the central hub holding all our mission critical information and client data, with all consultants using tramada® to process booking transactions. This means that any additional automation technology simply had to work with tramada®.” says Kim Wethmar, Chief Executive Officer TravelEdge.

Natasha Jaglica, Business Efficiency Manager TravelEdge says “Concur Compleat offers us the ability to automate additional processes outside our core tramada® system.  Our integrated solution, MyQC, has replaced manual quality checks at both our client and at the traveller level ensuring all details are correct and our travellers have a seamless experience. The integrated tramada® Concur Compleat solution, MyQC, means we can offer better service to our clients while gaining efficiencies.”

Using information stored in tramada®, TravelEdge are adding new services to their portfolio with MyQC such as proactively selecting seats based on traveller preferences, passport validity and visa requirements, frequent flyer and airline membership, meal requests and special preference confirmation, limousine transfer confirmation, and much more.  The tramada® engine passes debtor specific information to Concur Compleat including client contract information, PNR remarks and duty of care details. 

Phased implementation

Natasha says “We spent a lot of time analysing our workflows including time in motion studies to develop a prioritised list of workflows that would provide the most benefit by being reengineered and automated. This is an ongoing activity as we continue to improve our overall business processes.”

TravelEdge have taken a phased approach to rolling out the automation of various workflows through MyQC starting with ticketing, quality control checks, and then integration with other web services amongst others. 

TravelEdge took the lead in the change management process involving all stakeholders and impacted staff in team meetings and including consultants and support staff in the change management process from the beginning. 

TravelEdge were able to focus on personnel issues such as training, setting employee and client expectations while product experts from Tramada Systems owned the technical aspects of the integration with Compleat. 

Throughout this change management TravelEdge were proud to report the gained efficiencies came at zero disruption to their staff and customers.

Rapid ROI with efficiency gains

Natasha explains “The main productivity gains have been experienced in our support area where many manual processes were automated allowing us to scale up our service.  Our early experience indicates we are experiencing a 20% efficiency gain for our support staff through automation of previously manual processes. Existing personnel have been able to take on more value added tasks which has had a positive effect on job satisfaction at the same time improving the overall performance of the company.”  

After delivery of the solution consultants started to see that it made their job easier as they didn’t have to worry about administrative tasks associated with making a booking and they had more time to focus on proactive customer service. 

“Being early adopters of this technology created its own challenges but also meant we were able to deliver better service to our clients ahead of the market.  We feel it’s important to be innovative in the use of technology to ensure our customer service is the best and seamless automation between tramada® and Concur Compleat certainly achieved that.” Kim says.

Continued innovation

John Tran, Head of Product Tramada Systems says “Tramada is always searching for new partnerships that bring productivity gains to our clients. It is exciting to work with a client like TravelEdge who embraces technology and realises the benefits from using it innovatively.”

Senthu Jegadheesan, Head of Technology TravelEdge concludes “The integration with tramada® and Concur Compleat has reinforced workflow automation.  Concur Compleat can do so much more that what we’ve implemented so far and we will be looking to automate other workflows in the future.  This is only the beginning.”