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No more breakdowns – Radio Maintenance and Repair Made Simple by Telechnics

Telechnics is Australia’s primary two-way radio specialist. With a service record of over 25 years, the company has handled and delivered a complete range of radios, accessories and services for everything from handheld portable radios to dedicated on-site telecommunications systems.

Anyone who uses two-way radios, repeaters and peripheral systems would know that keeping the instruments in good working condition is very critical. While maintaining these systems, a lot of attention is given to avoiding unexpected breakage or loss of functionality as it can mean loss in several ways. It can cause loss to the health, safety and security of the workers and losses to the business.     

Telechnics offers two-way radio maintenance and repairs that allows their clients to be completely worry free. In cases where there has already been equipment breakage or loss of functionality, the Telechnics team ensures that business goes on as usual while the real problem is addressed. Competitively-priced rental solutions enable the client to keep their work cycle going while repairs are carried out.  

With Telechnics clients receive the benefit of scheduled servicing, maintenance agreements and fixed price repairs, coupled with after-hours and weekend callouts. They are always open to accommodate any requirement of their clients.

Telechnics two-way radio maintenance and service centre is based in Auburn, Sydney. Their modern service centre is fully equipped and up to date, delivering the highest levels of functionality across a full range of radio maintenance, repair, and construction and assembly services. This includes a workshop with four independent stations and an array of the latest testing equipment, incorporating models from General Dynamics, Rhode and Schwarz, I.F.R. and Marconi.

Their service centre’s exceptionally compact and versatile storage system allows for speedy repairs of almost any system and the quickest two-way radio maintenance possible. This means that clients do not have to wait to order spare parts. Telechnics has a proven record system that offers complete job tracking capabilities, enhanced organisation functionality and a wealth of information for future reference in the event of other repair or maintenance works.

Telechnics has its head office in Sydney and branch office on the Gold Coast. Interested customers can call (02) 96443422 or email sales@telechnics.com.au to reach them.

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