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Soberlive Breathalyser With Streamlined Wireless Data Solution Launches

Live testing-to-reporting capability advancing workplace alcohol testing policies

Melbourne, Australia – March 15, 2017 – Andatech announces the launch of the Soberlive, a new, WIFI-enabled wall-mounted breathalyser to increase efficiency of effective alcohol testing in the workplace.

Irwandy Tan, the Director of Andatech, said that the Soberlive, which is certified to Australian Standards AS3547 for accuracy, is designed specifically to fully utilise the Andatech Hub online to consolidate testing data.

Andatech Soberlive Breathalyser

“Breathalysers today require OHS staff to manually input details, connect and export data to a PC,” Mr Tan said. “The Soberlive takes all that hassle away and reduces risk.”

With the Soberlive breathalyser, users log in using an existing access card or a user ID and pin number to take a test. Test results are synced directly with the Andatech Hub server via WIFI. Managers can access test records online by logging in or live as they come through.

Managers can also set BAC limits, email notification preferences, and create user ID’s and pins for employees through the Soberlive administrator panel. 

“The Soberlive will really assist the enforcement of workplace alcohol policies seamlessly, especially in companies with multiple locations requiring on-site testing,” Mr Tan said. 

Andatech Soberlive Breathalyser

The Andatech Soberlive breathalyser comes with a built-in straw dispenser and houses a 9-inch tablet for administrator access and to display videos and test results.

Videos can be uploaded directly or wirelessly online, and live syncing make company-wide announcements or video advertising easy.

The Soberlive can also be customised for licensed venues such as pubs, bars, hotels, stadiums, clinics, hospitals, public places, and more.

Mr Tan said that RFID access and Paypass payment will be added in the near future to the Soberlive to fully utilise this.

Equipped with a large electrochemical fuel cell sensor, the Soberlive breathalyser is designed for exceptional accuracy and long lifespan for high volume testing.

Similar to law enforcement breathalysers, the Soberlive provides readings specific 3 decimal place BAC readings at an accuracy of +/- 0.005%BAC at 0.050%BAC.

"Another great feature of the Soberlive is that it can take an unlimited number of tests before it requires calibration," Mr Tan added.

In addition, its sensor is removable for convenient replacement. Andatech recommends that the Soberlive sensor is calibrated every 6 months to maintain its accuracy. 


Visit Andatech for more technical information on the Soberlive breathalyser.

The Soberlive breathalyser joins the family of Andatech products which is available from Andatech and authorised resellers.

Call the Australian toll-free number at 1300 800 200 or (+613) 8899 6900 to speak to our customer service representatives for further clarification on the Soberlive breathalyser.


About Andatech
Andatech was founded in 2003 as a distributor of Australian Standards certified breathalysers for Australians, and over the past decade has established a reputation as a leader in reliable wellness and occupational health & safety technologies throughout the Asia Pacific. Its range of quality products and services focus on its vision of a safe and healthy environment, at home and at work. For further information visit: www.andatech.com.au

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