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The Ultimate Environmental Choice - Green Recycling Of Automobiles

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It may not seem like an ideal choice to reuse good quality parts from another vehicle, but the resulting savings in energy, raw materials and reduction in pollution is great.

You will be helping to sustain a modern global recycling industry using green recycled parts that reclaim over 12 million vehicles across Australia annually.

The ultimate way to benefit the environment is auto recycling. An automobile is the most recycled product on earth. It not only prevents unnecessary use of valuable landfill but also keeps a flood of dangerous toxins from being released into the ground and water. You will be preserving scarce and valuable natural resources by reducing the need for new parts to be manufactured and cutting down on the resulting pollution.

Important Environmental Facts

1. Do you know that over 80% of the entire car weight is reused, remanufactured or recycled in the automobile recycling industry.
2. Recycled parts save approximately 80 million barrels of oil per year that is used to produce new replacement parts.
3. About 40% of the ferrous metal for the scrap processing industry comes from the auto recycling industry across Australia.
4. Steel mill’s air pollution can be reduced as much as 86% and water pollution by 76% by substituting low-sulphur scrap metal for high-sulphur raw ore.

The Process

Oil, gas and operating fluids pose a significant threat to the environment. Trained technicians at vehicle recycling industry carefully drain all the fluids and store them for reuse or recycling. In order to prevent any groundwater contamination, special equipment and methods are used. Approximately 40 litres of fluid are removed from each car and are either used in the facility itself or recycled to be responsibly disposed of.

The remaining unusable part of the vehicle is then crushed and sent to the shredder to be broken down into fist-sized pieces for recovery. Then valuable metals are separated from ferrous and non-ferrous using a huge magnet and reused to make new vehicles and other products you buy… and the cycle repeats.

To determine which parts are appropriate for reuse, each vehicle is inspected well enough. The make, model along with the VIN number and mileage of vehicle and year are recorded in order to provide accurate inventory data for the store.

Batteries, tires and gas tanks are all removed to be recycled, reused or disposed of appropriately.

The vehicle is then transferred to the dismantling unit where parts are removed, inspected and readied for resale. Each part of the vehicle is tagged, coded and entered into a computerised inventory system to be properly stored to be sold online.

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