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The Homyped Difference - The Faith Agency Boosts Sales with Fresh Branding

The Faith Agency, a Melbourne-based advertising agency, that offers integrated, full-service marketing and advertising communications is spearheading the move to increase and enhance online visibility and marketing for their client Homyped. Homyped is Australia’s number one comfort footwear brand with more than 40 years in the business.

Homyped is a trusted and respected brand. Their footwear products are popular for comfort and are especially in demand among customers over the age of 55. Their products were traditionally sold exclusively though the pharmacy channel. The company decided to undertake a brand audit and a complete revision of their brands’ presentation.

Faith played an important role in helping Homyped create a successful online business to complement and add to the sales generated through the pharmacy channel. It helped launch Homyped’s website and provided support by developing a digital communications strategy that incorporated eDM, social, digital display and paid search elements.

Homyped has seen a hike in their email marketing open rate and is 26 per cent above the industry average. Their e-commerce transaction rate has also increased to 60 per cent. Inspired by Faith, the company also reworked their product range to make it more trendy and appealing to younger demographic groups. They modified their focus to educating new customers on health and wellness. Their emphasis changed from the comfort brand message to a clear focus on the features and benefits of their products and ‘The Homyped Difference.’


Visual merchandising and point-of-sale communications were enhanced and local area marketing was also implemented. This led to increase of over 90 per cent of traffic to the website caused by customers checking out the nearest stockists to look at the footwear products. The result was extremely satisfying to Homyped as they could see a solid growth in their database and online purchases of their products.

Faith developed the AW16 digital strategy approach to drive increased engagement with existing and new Facebook fans and increase brand awareness through a digital display campaign. This was in addition to a successful retargeting digital campaign across a range of sites. This collection was supported in-pharmacy with POS collateral and a strong local area marketing program.

Faith team delivers traditional services of brand, creative strategy, concept development and design. They offer various digital advertising agency services, such as content creation and production, online strategy, design and web development, online analytics, SEO and social media strategy and management. They are equipped to handle all the photography in house.


Faith can be contacted for any queries by calling +61 3 8646 0100 or sending an email to info@thefaithagency.com.au

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