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Afford celebrates Harmony Day with music at Oran Park

ORAN PARK, SYDNEY, 21 March 2017 - The Australian Foundation for Disability (Afford) Lifestyle Centre in Oran Park will be filled with musical celebration, festivities and fun today, as 100 clients from Afford Lifestyle Centres across Sydney come together to celebrate Harmony Day through music and song.


Afford Oran Park Lifestyle Centre will play host to 100 Afford clients from Oran Park, Campbelltown, Green Valley, Lurnea, Chipping Norton, Canley Vale and Condell Park Lifestyle Centres to enjoy live music performances and interactive music play in celebration of cultural diversity and respect on Harmony Day.


Afford clients and staff come from diverse and varied cultural backgrounds, which, according to Afford CEO, Steven Herald, is what helps the not-for-profit identify and understand the needs of clients.


"We are proud of the rich cultures and different family backgrounds that make up our Afford community," Mr Herald explained.


"We celebrate and welcome the different cultural traditions of our clients every day across all of our Lifestyle Centres, but it is particularly special to come together in one location at Oran Park to celebrate everyone's unique backgrounds on Harmony Day."


Musical activities will be facilitated by professional musicians from The Rhythm Village and incorporate live music performances and interactive singing, dancing, and playing of musical instruments such as guitar and percussion instruments. All activities are tailored to suit the different abilities and talents of Afford clients.


All participants will be supported to participate with hitting of drums, shaking of maracas, and dancing along to the beat of the music just some of the main activities for today.


Celebrating diversity is incorporated into many activities across Afford Lifestyle Centres, with some Lifestyle Centres working with clients to choose a country of interest each month. During the month, Afford staff and clients research the chosen country's culture, language, cuisines and traditions. Traditional delicacies are made during cooking programs and art and craft activities can centre on the chosen country's culture.


"Afford has been trusted for 65 years to offer person-centred care and support for people with disability. Our dedicated staff are constantly looking for ways to customise programs to the interests of clients and embrace diversity," Mr Herald commented.


AFFORD is a registered charity and has been operating in NSW for 65 years, providing a range of disability services to over 2,000 people with disability every day in Greater Western Sydney.


For more information about Afford, visit www.afford.com.au or call 1300 233 673.




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More about the Australian Foundation for Disability (AFFORD) - www.afford.com.au

The Australian Foundation for Disability (AFFORD) is a registered charity engaged in providing disability services to over 2,000 people in Greater Western Sydney. The services provided by AFFORD include: Accommodation; Respite; Community Participation Programs; Transition to Work Programs; Transition to Retirement Program; Carer Support; Disability Employment Services; and Supported Employment.