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Meet the Bondi local who could fund your next summer getaway via Airbnb

Announcement posted by HomeHost 28 Mar 2017

A growing number of Sydney-siders have turned to ‘disruptive’ home-sharing platform Airbnb as a means of generating effortless income, thanks to Bondi entrepreneur Gabriel Sarajinsky’s thriving start-up HomeHost.

Airbnb has frequented the limelight as the innovative online marketplace that has effectively created a new market of short-term property rentals, driven by the value of unique experiences and authenticity. Airbnb hosting can, however, prove to be a particularly challenging undertaking — especially for home owners who are strapped for time or occupied with other commitments. 

For a fee of 15 per cent of each booking, Sarajinsky’s HomeHost eliminates all labours associated with Airbnb property management — offering a complete management service including guest screening, key exchange, and around-the-clock responses to guest queries. HomeHost also offer a range of optional extras such as professional cleaners, photography, laundry services and airport shuttles to create a uniquely tailored management package for each client.

“Effortless income is waiting to be unlocked in the form of your spare room or investment property,” says Sarajinsky. “Our clients find that they can sit back and relax while we do the hard work for them, and eventually generate the thousands of dollars worth of extra income that send their family on holiday. Sydney home owners have so much to gain financially by making the best use possible of their spare rooms and rental properties.” 

This message has certainly resonated with Sarajinsky’s clientele — the number of properties under his care has increased five-fold over the span of one year, with plans for HomeHost to expand nationally in the works.


Launched in November 2015, Gabriel Sarajinsky’s HomeHost is the industry leader for Airbnb property management in Sydney. Offering booking management, guest screening and 24/7 guest support — plus a range of optional extras to suit your needs — HomeHost manage your short term rentals in order to create strong listings, optimise your financial return, improve your guest ratings and simplify the process of Airbnb hosting. 

We manage your Airbnb so you can manage other things. To learn more about our services, visit www.homehost.com.au or call 1300 17 17 18


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