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ACS Releases New Course- Script Writing Course out now

ACS Distance Education have recently written and released a new 100- hour course aimed at helping students improve their script writing skills. Our Script Writing course can be helpful for a variety of professions and enhancing writing skills by teaching students how to construct well-planned and well written scripts for a variety of audiences.

Scriptwriting is a specialist form of writing that focuses on producing content for performance. Scripts are essential to developing video and audio content for a variety of audiences.

In this course, you'll learn how to develop characters for fiction and non-fiction purposes, how to write tight dialogue, how to develop well-rounded characters, and the principles of scriptwriting for online markets. You'll also learn how to get started with your own business producing scripts for yourself and others.

Scripts are essential to developing:
- television shows
- films/ cinema
- teaching in a classroom or online environment
- training
- radio plays
- podcasts
- advertising

Students can enrol into our course at any time and courses are self paced with tutor support available when needed.

For more information on the Script Writing course, please visit our website: