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Baptcare Selects BOARD and Professional Advantage to Deploy Reporting Budgeting And Forecasting Unified Solutions

BOARD International, global leading provider of Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management and Predictive Analytics unified software solutions, today announced that Baptcare, one of Victoria and Tasmania’s leading community service providers, has gone live with the BOARD all-in-one budgeting and forecasting platform.
BOARD has replaced Baptcare’s ageing budgeting and forecasting platform which was no longer receiving ongoing development support and was deficient in the capabilities that the growing not-for-profit required for financial visibility required.  In addition, the legacy platform lacked transparency which meant employees did not understand or trust the numbers produced.
Baptcare receives most of its funding from Federal and state governments.  Accurate budgeting, forecasting and reporting are essential for ensuring that its 1,700 employees can continue their valuable services in support of delivering high quality programs and services.   These include providing residential services for older people and foster care, through to providing support and services to families, children and youths, including mental health services.
Tammy Campbell, Senior Finance Business Partner, Baptcare, said, “We required an innovative, scalable and flexible solution that could grow with the organisation.  As we operate in quite diverse areas, we didn’t want to simply replicate what we already had, we wanted to find the best way of budgeting and forecasting that would take us into the future.”
Following a market review, IT solutions provider, Professional Advantage, was engaged to implement BOARD, an all-in-one platform for budgeting, planning and analytics, which in addition to being flexible and user friendly, eliminates the need for separate business intelligence and analytic tools helping Baptcare’s IT budget go further. 
Key features enable employees to create multiple budgets and forecasts across any range of months; budget using either a detailed bottom-up process or top-down approach; take complex awards and allowances into account; and build a transparent budget framework as well as produce complex reports without IT support.
Baptcare is also reaping advantages from organisation-wide dynamic online budgeting and forecasting, support for complex calculation rules, ability to model future revenue, management of complex planning areas such as capital expenditure, budgeting across multiple cost centres and allocations based on percentage of revenue, number of FTE’s and occupancy.  BOARD also integrates with Baptcare’s Microsoft Dynamics AX environment.
“The results have been outstanding,” said Campbell.  “Not only have we been able to reduce costs and benefitted from time savings, but user confidence in the systems has markedly improved.  Everyone now can drill down quite easily and see how the numbers are derived.”
In addition to the BOARD solution providing a detailed Human Resources section, incorporating hourly rates by shift and multiple shift allowances, Baptcare has several key future plans for the BOARD software deployment.
These include integration with Baptcare’s CRM and payroll systems which will provide a single view of business performance.  In addition, it will support self-service financial reporting and analytics, including visualisations and dashboards to provide instant access to income statements, balance sheets and cash flow projects.  The organisation will also benefit from being able to generate rolling forecasts to reduce budget preparation efforts while also improving forecast accuracy.
BOARD Australia Managing Director, Mark Sands, said, “We are delighted to have partnered with Professional Advantage to provide Baptcare with the increased functionality and transparency that the organisation was looking for in order to continue to deliver high quality programs and services throughout the community.”
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