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Medela survey reveals every Mum has a story to share about her Midwife experience

Medela interviewed 7,800 mums to find out how a Midwife shapes the confidence of a mum. Given that 70% of all births have a midwife involved, it is interesting to see what a difference they can make.

In Australia, there are over 300,000 mums giving birth every year and Midwives support 70 per cent of them.  Now with International Midwives' Day taking place on 5th May 2017, Medela Australia embarked on a survey with 7,800 Australian Mums to explore just how much Midwives influence new mums’ confidence and introduction to motherhood.

The survey reveals that surprisingly, the role a midwife plays goes beyond providing practical and physical medical support.  A staggering 82 per cent of new mums reported feeling more confident entering into motherhood specifically because of her positive experience with a midwife.

The advice a new mum received from a midwife made a difference too, with 88 per cent of respondents clearly benefiting from the helpful or very helpful advice bestowed onto them.  Advice from midwives ranged from practical suggestions for breastfeeding, pain relief, labour strategies, as well as emotional coping strategies and words of wisdom.

The support I got from my midwives at the hospital went beyond breastfeeding advice and how to bathe my baby. They helped me cope emotionally with the baby blues which came as a huge shock to me.  Saying thank you is not enough – there are no words to describe how they helped me” Jessie, 33.

Most mums, 62 per cent, have received conflicting advice from midwives, demonstrating that receiving conflicting advice is normal, common and provides an opportunity for mums to select which advice to take on board.  There were 57 per cent of respondents who dealt with conflicting advice by selecting the advice that best worked for them. The other 33 per cent turned to alternative sources such as online networks, family, doctor.

In the first 6 weeks of motherhood when mums are feeling more emotional and less confident, mums most valued the support from partners, their own mothers and midwives before online communities, followed by their doctor. Beyond the 6-week mark, results evolved with mums more likely to favour online support.

Jarrod Percy, the Managing Director of Medela Australia explains,

“It is wonderful to acknowledge the positive impact a midwife has and how the support and advice from a midwife shapes a mother’s confidence and introduction to motherhood. Confidence gives new mothers strength, courage and clarity to embrace her role positively and productively. By celebrating and supporting the community of midwives they can continue to make a difference.”

Full results from the survey will be released and discussed at the interactive Medela Mother’s Group event to take place on Wednesday April 19th, 2017 in Melbourne. Featuring expert panellists including Katie James, Educator, Midwife and Lactation Consultant from Medela Australia, Helen Stevens Baby Sleep Expert from New Born Baby and Debra Close and Kate Wilke, Positive Psychologists from Flourishing Mothers.  These presenters, along with bloggers, new mums and media will explore ways the community can support new mums, tips to address common issues new parents face, how midwives can best support next generation of mums as well as other hot topics. This event will also raise awareness for St. Kilda Mums.


Media interested in attending the event or to receive full survey results please contact: Christie Nicholas media@kidsbusiness.com.au I 03 9598 9128 I @medela_au I #MyMedela #MedelaAU