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Global Travel Safety Company, Stabilitas and Aussie Startup Troovo to Enhance Traveller Safety Worldwide

The Troovo solution that allows for best-in-class tracking and alerts of travellers, keeping global employees safe

Sydney, Australia, 12 April, 2017 – Australian automation company Troovo, today announced that US-based security and travel risk management firm, Stabilitas, has integrated Troovo’s powerful robotic process automation (RPA) engine into Stabilitas’ risk management solution. In addition to the Stabilitas mobile app, the Troovo solution allows for best-in-class tracking and alerts of travellers, keeping global employees safe for companies and institutions around the world.

Troovo’s technology now seamlessly and instantly integrates all travel data into the Stabilitas platform giving customers real-time traveller tracking information on staff, no matter where they are in the world. It’s an easy, readily accessible solution that enables companies to track staff members’ locations and importantly, advise them on potential threats before they touch down and during their stay.

“As businesses grow and become even more international, employees are travelling to more diverse countries, some of which pose a risk to their wellbeing,” said Kurt Knackstedt, CEO of Troovo. “Today, more than ever, organisations have a responsibility and duty-of-care to ensure the health and safety of their employees – whichever part of the world they are working in.” 

Earthquakes and natural disasters, terror attacks, and dynamic safety conditions in densely populated areas all pose threats to business travellers every day. The partnership between Troovo and Stabilitas integrates travel data within the Stabilitas mobile application - enabling companies to know exactly where staff are at all times when overseas. It also provides alerts on potential threats travelling employees could be walking into, when threat conditions may change and ways to access help when needed - all in the same platform. 

“Using Troovo’s robotic process engine, Stabilitas ensures that our clients have immediate and real-time access to all travel-related data on thousands of employees within seconds of bookings being created or updated,” said Chris Hurst, COO at Stabilitas. “To save critical time, we use AI to automate many parts of the incident detection and mass notification process. We were pleased to find a partner who is also pushing the boundaries of technology.” 

One Stabilitas customer, AXA Assistance, has been quick to roll out the platform, no matter where in the world their travellers are and no matter where in the world their travel bookings were made. 

Using the latest in cloud technology and data exchange protocols, Troovo and Stabilitas deliver a solution that requires minimum user effort and avoids the costs associated with direct linkages with the GDS’s that other tracking systems are burdened with. The integrated platform saves companies thousands annually, and most importantly, increases the safety of its employees. 

“We weren’t expecting an Australian start-up to deliver to us such an innovative and scalable solution, but that’s exactly what they did,” said Hurst. 

“When it comes to minimising risk and ensuring organisations know exactly where their people are, having the most up-to-date information on travel arrangements is not just important, it’s business critical,” said Knackstedt. “The importance of keeping your staff out of harm’s way is, or should be, a priority concern for any company. Legacy systems that exist for tracking and awareness of current instabilities around the globe are quickly being outdated and deemed archaic by the pace of the evolving business and travel world.”




About Troovo

Troovo provides full automation for all types of transactional processing to help companies increase productivity and profitability. Launched in 2015, the company provides a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) alternative to traditional, industry-specific automation with a completely agnostic platform that offers easy integration with third-party systems and applications. For more information, visit www.troovo.com. 

About Stabilitas

Stabilitas (www.stabilitas.io) helps companies keep their employees safe.   Stabilitas uses Artificial Intelligence and human analysts to detect security incidents that affect a firm’s people, facilities, and other assets.  Stabilitas automates incident alerts, providing faster notifications and warnings. The Stabilitas platform enables a security team to then send out mass notifications to thousands of employees via the Stabilitas app, SMS (text), voice call, or emails.  The Troovo integration makes Stabilitas an all-in-one tool for GSOCs, security managers, and travel managers concerned about Duty of Care.