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63 telecoms capitalise on Internet customer service solution from RightNow Technologies

Telecom industry leaders select RightNow Web eService Centre to significantly reduce support costs while increasing customer satisfaction

RightNow Technologies, a leading provider of Internet customer service solutions, has announced that 63 telecom companies worldwide have selected RightNow Web eService Centre as their Internet customer service solution. The companies, which include AT&T, British Telecom, Singapore Telecom, Sonera (Finland), Sprint, MCI/WorldCom, and VoiceStream Wireless, are using RightNows award-winning technology to provide customers with instant access to the information they need at a far lower cost than phone calls handled by human operators.

According to a recent independent study by Doculabs, telecoms using Right Now Web are achieving an average self-service rate of 75 percent; that is three-quarters of all visitors to the website are able to find the information they need by themselves online without needing to call a live agent. That saves approximately $US31.57 per incident, according to estimates from Forrester Group. At the same time, customers enjoy the immediacy of getting the answers they seek on a 24x7 basis without waiting on hold.

Support operations at VoiceStream Wireless, for example, have been streamlined through the use of RightNow Web eService Centres workflow and escalation rules, assuring that inquiries are responded to within minutes. Without RightNow Web eService Centre, we would have been floundering in a sea of customer inquiries, missing valuable opportunities and marketing on a hit-or-miss basis, said Robert Hoffman, Project Manager for VoiceStream. RightNow not only makes us more competitive, but also assures well stay ahead of the competition as we continue to grow.

Given the wide variety of complex services and products offered by the telecom sector, its critical for customers to be able to get their questions answered quickly and efficiently, said Greg Gianforte, CEO and founder of RightNow Technologies. Our Internet customer service solution enables customers to do exactly that, while significantly easing the load on customer service departments.

Rapid uptake by Australian telecommunications companies expected
RightNow's web self-service tools are ideally suited to telecommunications companies as the majority of enquiries they receive are of a repetitive nature. Using RightNow's tools means customers can access the information they need from their telecommunications provider quickly, and without the need for a phone call. This is great from the customer's perspective, as they dont have to waste time in a phone queue or fumbling around a website. From the telecommunications carriers perspective, their call centre staff aren't tied up with simple enquiries and they can offer their customers greater satisfaction in an increasingly competitive market.

Since RightNow launched in Australia in March this year, we've experienced strong growth. Based on the strong demand by overseas telecommunications companies for our website self service tools, we anticipate a rapid uptake by local telecommunications companies in Australia, Andrew Templer said.


About RightNow Technologies

Founded in 1995, RightNow Technologies, Inc. is a privately held software company headquartered in Bozeman, Montana. The company's software, RightNow Web eService Centre, automates customer service and technical support operations for Internet-connected organisations. RightNow Technologies' customers include Air Canada, Lufthansa, Motorola, Nortel, Sanyo, Virgin Travel and Xerox. For more visit www.rightnow.com