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Maury County Public Schools to eliminate 36,000 paper consent forms

Medical and consent platform CareMonkey chosen by school district to eliminate paper forms and ensure staff know exactly what to do in an emergency.


Maury County Public Schools have chosen to implement CareMonkey, the world’s fastest growing medical and consent platform, to automate the collection of medical and consent forms and deliver a better duty of care for students.

CareMonkey is an online platform that eliminates paper forms, and gives authorized staff access to important medical and contact details in an emergency. Superintendent Dr. Chris Marczak said the district’s 20 schools would benefit by streamlining how medical and consent forms were collected from parents.  

“Creating, collecting and filing paper forms is painful for schools and parents”, said Dr Marczak. “CareMonkey is a paperless solution that automates the entire process, including the time consuming task of chasing parents for missing forms.”


CareMonkey is being implemented as part of the school district’s Digital Integration Plan for Learning on Mobile and Accessibility (DIPLOMA), which aims to turn Maury County’s classrooms into more digital environments.  

“9,000 students will be assigned laptops as part of our digital initiative, and we require parents to sign 4 different consent and usage agreements”, said Dr Marczak. “CareMonkey will be eliminating 36,000 paper forms for this initiative alone, saving our schools a great deal of time and hassle.”

CareMonkey CEO, Troy Westley said CareMonkey would help Maury County School District better fulfil their duty of care obligation.

“Maury County School District are a leader when it comes to embracing digital innovation in both the classroom as well as back-office processes”, said Westley. “Parents will love how easy it is to complete consent and medical forms online. Schools will love how much time and hassle they save by not having to chase up paper forms. Most importantly, authorized teachers and staff will be better prepared, by knowing exactly what to do and who to call in an emergency.”

To learn more about why Maury County School District chose CareMonkey, register for the Medical Data in Schools Best Practices Webinar on 4th May at 12pm or 4pm CDT:


CareMonkey - Medical and Consent Platform

CareMonkey automates the collection of medical and consent forms, providing authorized staff with emergency access, even when they are offline. CareMonkey ensures medical records are kept up to date, and helps authorized staff know what to do, who to call, and what to tell an ambulance paramedic in an emergency. With more than 1 million users around the world, CareMonkey is used by schools and universities, sporting clubs at all levels, outdoor groups, day care centres, businesses, plus the community and disability sectors.

CareMonkey is available free for families. For more information visit www.caremonkey.com