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Jack+Jules Offers Reusable Shopping Bags as Plastic Bag Ban Movement Grows

Market for Plastic Alternatives Set to Grow


As calls grow for a plastic bag ban in Victoria, NSW and Western Australia, Jack+Jules is poised to provide bag solutions for shoppers.


Waleed Aly of Channel Ten’s The Project, drew attention to the issue of plastic bags in a recent commentary on the destructive nature of plastic and the need for a national ban. As Aly pointed out, a plastic bag takes an estimated 1,000 years to break down and Australians have the dubious distinction of producing the second highest amount of waste, per person, in the world.


“It’s estimated that Australians use between 4-6 billion plastic bags annually,” Aly said. “We use more than 10 million plastic bags every day.”


Concerned by this growing reliance on single-use plastic bags, Jack+Jules founders Jackie Hegarty and Julie McMahon designed and manufactured a set of reusable shopping bags as a convenient and stylish alternative to plastic.


“Our bags are extremely strong and are washable, which many reusable bags are not,” explains Hegarty.  “They also stuff quickly back into a drawstring pouch which makes them very easy to carry.”


Part of a larger range of lifestyle bags that include day bags, lightweight cooler bags, beach bags, yoga mat bags and insulated bags, Jack+Jules products come in an array of bright colours inspired by the Australian landscape.


Available online at www.jackandjules.com.au, a set of three Market Bags retails at $32.


About Jack+Jules: Founded in 2015, Jack+Jules is the collaboration between two Americans who have made Australia home. Beginning with sustainable, reusable bag sets to combat the rise of plastic bag usage, Jack+Jules has since branched out to design and produce quality, lifestyle bags.