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Have you started compromising your immunity with over-use of antibiotics?

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Antibiotics is indeed an essential one in modern medical care and it represented a positive impact in medical field. But we should also be aware of the fact that even main stream medical journal has researches that warn against the excessive use of antibiotics. The job of antibiotics is to kill all the micro-organisms in our body indiscriminately. 

We often develop vaginal and intestinal yeast infections after taking a course of antibiotics for some other infection, say, strep throat. This happens because the antibiotics indiscriminately kills lactobacillus bacteria that does good for our gut. One should be aware if an antibiotics is prescribed routinely (sometimes it is given for a viral infection !).

When taken repeatedly it creates a resistance in our body and much stronger dose is necessary to treat further. This weakens the immune system and hinders the body's natural healing mechanism instead of aiding it. Dr. Hahnemann, he father of Homeopathy, in his scholarly treatise The Organon of Healing states that infectious diseases must be cured by treating the person and not by killing the microbes or removing symptoms. The remedy should awaken the body's natural ability to cure. It should just be a stimulus and body should do the healing task. A homeopathic remedy can trigger the immune system and give a right shape of cure naturally. 

Parents, today, prefer naturalistic medicine which do not harm or restrict the functioning of immune of the children. Ayurclinic functions at three places in Australia, making naturalistic cure accessible to all. There are Homeopathic practirioners, Ayurvedic doctors and Yoga instructors providing an integrated three-fold remedy for all your ailments.