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World Ovarian Cancer Day: Australia’s only Phase 1 ovarian cancer drug trial recruiting patients

The only Phase I clinical trial of an ovarian cancer drug in Australia right now is still recruiting participants.

The drug under trial, Cantrixil, is believed to be active against difficult-to-target cancer stem cells that are resistant to chemotherapy and lead to cancer recurrence.

Three Australian hospitals are participating in the trial – Flinders Medical Centre in South Australia, Westmead Hospital in Sydney, and Icon Cancer Care in South Brisbane – along with three US hospitals.

Cantrixil is being developed by listed Australian biotech company, Novogen Ltd (ASX: NRT). The phase 1 trial began in December 2016 and outcomes are expected in early 2018.

World Ovarian Cancer Day is May 8. Ovarian cancer is the seventh most common cancer in women and has the lowest survival rate of any women’s cancer. It affects about one in 100 women worldwide, with about 240,000 new cases each year, and around 1,550 women expected to be diagnosed in Australia this year. 

“Existing chemotherapy is only curative for about 20 percent of patients,” said Novogen CEO Dr James Garner.
 “That Cantrixil has the potential to target and kill cancer stem cells remaining in the body after chemotherapy could lead to a significantly more effective treatment for sufferers.

“Although most of the work on Cantrixil to date has focused on ovarian cancer, it’s not out of the question that it could be effective for other cancers.”

The Cantrixil trial is being led by Associate Professor Dr Jim Coward, a medical oncologist and Associate Professor of Medicine at UQ School of Medicine and Mater Research, TRI, and based at Icon Cancer Care.

Women interested in participating should discuss the Cantrixil trial with their oncologist.
More about Novogen and Cantrixil: http://www.novogen.com/researchpipeline/cantrixil

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