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Australian Chiropractor volunteers time in India

For Immediate Release: May 10, 2017

Mumbai, India – Dr. Ian Deitch (Chiropractor), a licensed, experienced chiropractor at Chirolife Family Chiropractic Centre with over 25-years in practice to date, this past February, joined with 35 other esteemed chiropractors to administer over 12,000 chiropractic adjustments to the attendees at the 2017 Indian festival Samagam in Mumbai.


Passionate about providing his services to individuals who don’t normally have access to chiropractic support, Dr. Deitch (Chiro) and fellow chiropractors volunteered for 4-days at the festival to introduce the healing power and importance of chiropractic care.


“In many places around the world, like Mumbai, individuals don’t have access to different forms of healthcare, including chiropractic,” said Dr. Deitch (Chiro). “Being a chiropractor is so much more than just getting people out of pain. It’s about helping everyone to understand the full potential of life through pain alleviation.”


The festival witnessed over 1 million attendees this past February. Each day, a festival bus would drop off patients at the festival chiropractic tent, where Dr. Deitch (Chiro) and others saw their patients. The patients received an educational care class before seeing the doctor. On certain days of the festival, there was a 3-hour waiting line to get a chance to be adjusted.


Samagam, the Sikh term for union, close association or fellowship, is a kind of extended program that focuses on fellowship of sangat, or spiritual companions in a gathering of small people.


“Needless to say, after contributing to helping over 12,000 people, I can look back and smile,” said Dr. Deitch (Chiro). “The journey has been fantastic with absolutely no regrets. Helping others achieve better health and healing is the best job in the world.”

For more information on the Mumbai Samagam, visit: http://www.chirolife.com.au/humanitarian-chiropractic-work-mumbai/.


For more information on Dr. Deitch, visit: http://www.chirolife.com.au/dr-ian-deitch/.