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FLEETCOR's Shell Cards and Fuel Economy

The Benefits of Shell Cards by FLEETCOR

Accepted at stations throughout Belgium, and most of Europe, using a euroShell Card can give fleet owners greater command over their fuel costs, as well as opportunities to save on fuel every day. As an official Shell card provider, FLEETCOR and Shell have teamed up to give business owners the ability to monitor fuel costs in real time, manage accounts online, and even get specialized customer service that's available 24/7.

<h2>How a Shell Card by FLEETCOR Can Help:</h2>

  • Save on fuel with VAT refund discounts and promotional pricing where available.
  • Control your account online through an easy to use interface that's secure.
  • Use your card at thousands of locations, with both local and international fuel cards accepted at ¬†Shell and its partner fuel & service stations, totally amounting to over 22 000 stations across the whole Europe.
  • 24/7 online assistance and access to keep business running smoothly.

With this fuel card, Shell and FLEETCOR provide the Shell card holders with high-quality fuel at comparable prices and make it even easier for fleet operators and account managers to get the fuel savings that they need to keep their companies competitive. A Shell fuel card by FLEETCOR even allows account holders to monitor and control fuel expenditures down to individual drivers, so that there's never an oversight in your budget.

Monthly fuel costs matter. For many fleet companies, they can be the difference between making a profit, and seeing a loss at the end of the year. With FLEETCOR and euroShell, even small businesses can get a level of service and access that can make a massive difference in how fuel is purchased, used, and accounted for.