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AirTouch version 3

Polyaire’s latest Air Conditioning Smart Control & Zoning System

Polyaire has announced a new air conditioning control system, AirTouch version 3, a smart air conditioning controller compatible with all the leading brands and letting the user manage up to 16 zones and two air conditioning units from a touch screen, or their mobile or tablet via WiFi or the internet. For a great summary, check out the introduction video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MieQ7o52Z9o 

Building on prior versions, AirTouch can now send you home temperature alerts when you are away and let you turn on the air conditioning before you get home with the AirTouch app. Imagine the convenience of cooling the house down before you get home in summer or warming it up before you wake up in winter.

Another new feature is the wireless Individual Temperature Control sensors which monitor the temperature levels in individual zones. These report back to the AirTouch system and help provide a more even temperature throughout the home and run your air conditioning more economically. But they also give you more flexibility with your system: You can now have a different temperature set point in each zone. For more information visit https://www.airtouch.net.au/airtouch/ or subscribe to the YouTube channel.