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AOC Celebrates Two Industry-Leading Monitor Releases with CyberGamer Overwatch Circuit Sponsorship

Announcement posted by Gap Marketing and Management 13 Jun 2017

This partnership comes off the back of AOC announcing two new flagship gaming monitors, the UHD AOC AGON AG271UG and ultra-wide AOC AG352UCG.


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 26 April, 2017 - We are today pleased to announce that AOC has embarked on the naming rights sponsorship of CyberGamer’s Overwatch competitive circuit. This partnership comes off the back of AOC announcing two new flagship gaming monitors, the UHD AOC AGON AG271UG and ultra-wide AOC AG352UCG.

The best gamers demand the highest quality products, with first person shooters such as Overwatch requiring the finest products a gamer can get in order to beat the rest. AOC’s AG271UG monitor proves itself in battle by offering a stunning IPS panel, varying connection options including Display Port 1.2 and HDMI 1.4, four USB 3.0 ports and a 4ms response time.

                                                    AOC AGON AG271UG

Backing this model is the breathtaking AOC AG352UCG, sporting an exhilarating 35” curved display that displays a crisp 3440x1400p image, backed up by a smooth 100Hz refresh rate. This large-scale monitor comes further packed with HDMI and Displayport input options, USB fast charge, a quick 4ms response time and a viewing angle of 178 degrees.
                                                    AOC AG352UCG

Pairing the best monitors with this premium ANZ Overwatch tournament, AOC will be supporting CyberGamer’s $11,000 (AUD) prize pool, complete with live finals in their newly-opened tournament space and studio. With qualifiers beginning on April the 3rd and 4th, CyberGamer will be conducting this tournament with two divisions in mind, amateur and professional.

The amateur contingent will reach its finals berth on Monday the 5th of June, with the professional division finals beginning at 10am, Sunday the 11th of June. This means that the tournament will coincide with AOC’s expected AG352UCG Australian launch date of April 18th.

With the professional division victor being set to take home $5,000 in cash, CyberGamer is further offering $2,500 for second place and $1,250 for fourth and fifth finishers. The online-only amateur division will feature a $1,000 first place prize, with second place earning $500 and third & fourth taking home $250 each.

If you’re interested in checking out the Overwatch action for yourself, CyberGamer’s official live coverage will be streamed direct to Twitch.TV on their partnered account. For more information on the tournament, to learn about the other sponsors involved such as GIGABYTE and AMD or sign up yourself, please visit the official event announcement page. In order to compete, all players must have a current CyberGamer Premium membership, allowing them to compete in professional tournaments and have access to numerous member-only perks.

AOC Gaming is proud to be supporting yet another fist-class esports project. For more
information on the company and its extensive gamming monitor lineup, please visit: http://www.aocgaming.com.au/

CyberGamer has already begun signing teams up for this tournament, with the amateur division to compete in its finals series beginning at 7:30pm, Monday the 5th of June with an online streaming audience. The professional division will begin its finals berth at 10am on Sunday the 11th of June in front of a live audience, with the day before reserved for team briefings and media. To learn more about this event, please visit the official announcement page: http://au.cybergamer.com/forums/thread/608422/11k-Overwatch-Cybergamer-OCE-Circuit-Presented-by-AOC/

About AOC Monitors
AOC is a global brand in providing the best display technology. With over 49 years of experience in serving consumers and understanding their needs, AOC has become a market leader in electronic displays. By listening to the heart of consumers, AOC designs products that address rising technological trends, and creates monitors that fit different purposes for different consumers. AOC was an early adopter of environmental technologies, like mercury-free LED display panels, and achieving Energy Star recognition for low power consumption. This year, AOC designed new monitors with Adaptive-Sync technology specifically for gamers, and took innovative steps to create curved monitors for an even more immersive user experience.

To reflect AOC’s relentless pursuit of ever-improving visual quality for users, and to emphasize AOC’s commitment to its vision, AOC has created the slogan: ‘Vision at Heart’. At AOC, we’ve kept the hearts of our users in our vision, and we’ve kept their vision in our hearts.
www.aoc.com www.aocgaming.com.au

About CyberGamer
The largest gaming community in Australia and New Zealand, CyberGamer has a long history of running outstanding tournaments, community events and engaging content for its many users over a lengthy term. Further developing itself in recent years to include large-scale tournaments, CyberGamer has recently invested in a studio and tournament live hub, located in South Australia. To learn more about CyberGamer or to join the community, find them at www.CyberGamer.com.au.

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