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Charging Ahead - free webinar

Tritium’s power-packed ride from research to reality

Australia’s Chief Scientist calls Tritium ‘a case study in Australian strength’.

How did three mates from The University of Queensland take their solar-powered race car dreams and turn them into a small independent company that’s become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fast chargers for electric vehicles?

In this free Innovate Queensland GRID webinar, Tritium’s co-founder and commercial director, Dr Paul Sernia, will tell the story of this Queensland company’s journey from start-up to up-start in the global vehicle power game.

He’ll describe how Tritium has developed a portfolio of leading-edge technologies now used in solar car, electric vehicle and renewable energy projects around the world; and how a shared passion for great design, innovative power electronic systems and sustainability has continued to grow with the team.

About the Presenter

Paul Sernia is the Commercial Director and co-Founder of Tritium, a technology company specialising in the design and manufacture of charging stations for electric vehicles. Paul has over a decade of experience working with technology focused businesses bringing new innovations to market. He has a background in business and power electronics engineering and is passionate about the future of electrified transportation. Paul holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Queensland.

Register here: www.impactinnovationgroup.com/event/charging-ahead-tritium-webinar