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Pet safety awareness during Territory Day fireworks display

The Northern Territory has highest rate of pet ownership in Australia with 82% of households owning a pet and tomorrow’s Territory Day fireworks display could cause distress to many of these animals. 

PetCloud is advising all their pet owners and sitters to take particular care tomorrow as many animals are terrified by firework displays which can indirectly pose risks to animal safety by causing them to take flight and try to escape the loud noises.

Dogs and horses in particular may be afraid of fireworks and many try to run away, sometimes injuring themselves in the process.

The RSPCA receive calls from distressed owners whose dogs have run away. Many of these dogs can end up several kilometres from home.

Dogs have been known to jump through plate glass windows to escape loud noises, and easily jump over, or dig their way under fences that would normally contain them.

PetCloud are partnered with RSPCA Darwin, and in most Australian states, and we are dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership.

If pet owners are away for the school holidays they can book a pet carer’ online via www.petcloud.com.au who can ensure their pet is as calm and safe as possible during the celebrations.

It is recommend you make sure your dog is registered and micro chipped as in the event your pet does escape and is picked up by the council they can be easily identified.

Any unregistered dogs that are picked up can be retrieved from your Council Pound.

Further preparation advice from the RSPCA can be found at: https://www.petcloud.com.au/blog/%20How-should-I-care-for-my-pets-during-fireworks-displays


Pet Cloud is free for Pet Sitters and Pet Owners to create a profile.  It is also free for Pet Owners to search for Pet Sitters across the website and in their local area.  Pet Owners then arrange a free ‘Meet & Greet’ with a potential Pet Sitter.  A percentage from every booking goes back to the RSPCA to help animals in need and PetCloud charges a small surcharge to help cover costs.

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